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I glance at my clock to see it's already 2 o'clock in the morning. Timothy's words kept on ringing in my ears since then. I can still feel the guilt and sadness crushing down on me. Idiot. I shouldn't have said those words.

I roll on my back and stare at the dark ceiling. I place a hand on my chest and I can feel my heart beating fast. It has been a month and my memories just won't come back. I rarely got out of the house and the only people I know are Timothy, Tiffany, Mrs. Frero and Mrs. James.

And there's that girl, named Jeremy who said she's my cousin. I push myself up in a sitting position, I find it useless lying around when sleep won't visit me any time soon. I head to the bathroom and I can see my own reflection staring at me.

I raise my shirt up until my breast and there I see a scar running from my umbilical cord down to the side of my pelvis. Timothy said that I must have drop and rolled on something sharp to earn this kind of scar. I run my fingertips on it and I can feel the shiver running down my spine. Hideous. I quickly cover it up and decided to make myself a cup of coffee.

I walk towards the kitchen bare foot. The house is so quiet like it always does, even in the morning. Maybe I should ask Timothy later, if I can go out of the house alone. Well, that would be a great idea. I toasted some bread and pour myself a coffee.

I sigh in content when the coffee kissed my tongue. I sit down one of the kitchen chairs and stare at the plain white counter table. I just stare at with nothing in mind.

"Why are you up so early?"

I let out a squeak and glare at Timothy, who is standing by the entrance. "I should ask you the same question."

Timothy made himself a cup before sitting beside me. "I got to go to the hospital."

"This early?"

He nod and took a big sip of his coffee. "It's part of the job."

I nod and stare at the cup that I'm holding. An awkward silence envelop us. I want to say something but I don't know the right words to say. I took a sip of my coffee and nearly choke when my tongue got burned in the process.

"Stupid coffee," I murmur and place the mug on the table.

I heard Timothy chuckle and I turn to see him standing up discarding his mug in the counter. "I better get going," he coughed.

I nod and watch him leave. I let out a sigh of frustration. That was awkward. I grab my cup and place it on the counter. I stare at my cup then on Timothy's. I feel a sudden nervousness when I think about it. Whenever Timothy's around I felt myself get a little edgy. I thought it was just awkwardness since I just meet him but then I realize it was something more.

I felt my mind hurt again. I groan and retreat to my room. I pull the covers around me, hoping that sleep would visit me this time.


"Mommy, why is daddy not home yet?" I can see a girl in a high ponytail sitting at a dinner table. Her face was blurry.

"Sweetie, daddy's in the office right now," a sweet voice said. I turn and saw a woman in her late thirties cutting some bread.

The little girl swing her legs on the chair. "Will daddy be home for dinner?"

"He will. He will," the woman said quietly. I notice a hint of sadness in her tone in which the little girl didn't notice because she was busy staring the pink table napkin right in front of her.

"Mom, why didn't you tell Olivia the truth?"

I glance at the door to see a teenager with hazel-brown eyes, brown hair and pale complexion standing wearing a frown on his face. He looks just like his Mom.

"Adrian, please not now," the woman begged.

The little girl glance up upon hearing her name being called out. "Tell me what Mommy?"

"Mom, just tell Olly already, please," the guy named Adrian kneeled in front of the little girl and in a calm tone he said "Olly, daddy's not coming home. He will never be home anymore because he left us."

"Adrian, that's enough," The woman sobbed.

The little girl stared at the teenager then to the woman. "Mommy, is big brother saying the truth? Did daddy really left us?"

Instead of answering the little girl, the woman just sobbed. The little girl stare at her big brother then cried. Adrian hold her tight while whispering sweet things to her ears. I can see that Adrian stop himself from crying.

"Addy, why did daddy left us? I'm a good girl." The little girl sobbed.

I just keep on staring at them and suddenly I was crying. I glance around to see that I replaced the girl from a while ago. "Addy, what's going on?"

"Olly, please, remember me," Adrian sobbed on my shoulders. "Please remember me."


I woke up with a start and I can feel sweat running down my back. I glance at the clock to see its lunch time already. I remember my dream. I rest my head in my palm. I can remember already. Not all of it but some parts of it. I suddenly grab my phone and call Timothy's number.

"Olivia?" he sounded concerned "Is everything alright?"

"I can remember who I am already. Not all of it but part of it." I quietly told him.

Timothy is silent in the other line. "Really?"

"Yeah," I said. "I just remember a part from my childhood that's all."

"I see," he quietly said.

I sense that he was creating a distance between us. "I...uh...I thing I should go. Sorry for disturbing you."

"Okay." He said and cut the line.

I stare at the phone. What is going on? Why is Timothy acting so strange? I drop my phone on the bed and open the curtains. I let the sunlight kiss my bedroom. I can remember my past already. That is a progress. I glance at my phone once again and I then suddenly know what to do.

I stare at the screen if doing this is the right thing. I erased the number and typed it again, my hands move to their own accord. I breathe in and press the green button. I can hear the ringing. After three rings, there is a click on the other side emphasizing that it wasn't the voice mail.

"Who is this?" I cried upon hearing his tone. It has been months and thank God he hadn't change his number still.



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