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lennox marie. 21. living comfortably in the bright sunny state of california. family's back home in mexico. lots of love from them. writes everyday about people she meets, new ideas, interests, and her future husband. how handsome he would be, from the perfectly groomed hair to the tips of the gold implanted shoes. utter perfection, nothing less. lennox wanted someone she could love endlessly and be happy with. never having regrets about who she married.
Dear future husband,

Sometimes I'm just thinking and you come to my mind. You're starting to get a face, it's still blurry but I can tell that you wear hats sometimes. I read something yesterday that says that you're living your own life and making memories right now that you're going to share with me some day. That's crazy, isn't it?

I feel like I know you, even though I've most likely never even seen your face. Who knows who you could be? You could be the guy on his phone, the singer who's singing the song blasting through the mall speakers, you could even be a McDonald's employee in Japan. As I said, I don't know. I'd wish I knew you, then we could be happy. But fate has a funny way of working. We will meet soon.

Well, that's all Future Husband...

I love you,
lennox marie
I got this idea from another fabulous writer on here:) she wrote a book that has a bunch of leads and she's so nice !! if you haven't noticed yet, lennox Marie her facial features are based off of the lovely and talented Melanie Martinez. thank you for reading!

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