He Liiiiiiikes her...

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Happy P.O.V.:

Ok Natsu is my best friend, but he's also a moron. Every day after we get home from the guild, he talks about her. Then, when someone accuses him of liking her he flat out declines it. And I'm pretty done with that.

Oh but she is just as bad, instead of just going ahead and kissing him, she picks me up and put me in the way. Even though right before she picked me up, Natsu had said that them kissing wasn't that big of a deal, she agreed then says that's not the issue and. .. Painful memories for me. And now I'm so done with it. Its like they are a couple, but they are the only ones that don't know it.

But now its just out of hand. After me and Natsu walked to her apartment and got in through the window like usual, he laied on her bed and I went into the kitchen to find something to eat. But I think Natsu fell asleep, because when she finds someone who's asleep, she usually likes to pull some sort of trick on them, especially if that someone is Natsu. My guess is she was in the shower when we first got here, because when I turn the corner after hearing a loud outburst of laughter from my best friend, what I see I will never forget. It will haunt me in my nightmares and dreams. It has been imprinted on my soul. It will invaded my mind evey second of my life without fail for the rest of my life. What I see is Natsu laying on her bed laughing madly hard but is being pined down by her straddleing him, sitting on his stomach, and tickling him while her blond hair is wet and clinging to her with her white spaghetti strap tank top wet in various places making it transparent in those places and her too short pink shorts SITTING ON MY BEST FRIEND!!!!


Now is one of those moments, that while it haunts me I will never let go of, and tease them about it.

"Lucy liiiiiiikes him..." I say snickering.

Suddenly they both notice the position they are in and Lucy practically jumps off of him blushing and Natsu just giving his signature grin. Then as I'm standing there he flips Lucy into her back and starts tickling her completely forgetting about me, again.

I'm kinda used to this now, so I leave them be and go to the guild. When I open the door no one is really shocked by just me coming into the guild alone, as its becoming more of a regular occurrence.

But still all eyes are on me for the latest developments with Natsu and Lucy, and I just shrug my shoulders not wanting to talk about it and walk over to the bar to get my fish from Mira.

When I get there I see Mira behind the counter like usual cleaning the counter with some old rag. When I sit down I let out a long sigh from everything that went down and that image that will haunt me forever. And it's only still morning... Great.

"You ok Happy?" Mira asks in that kind of concerned voice she has.

"Yah I guess. It's Natsu and Lucy."

"Oh, I understand. So have they kissed yet? Or done anything?"

"No but right now there having a tickle fight."

"Well that's not that bad."

"Yah but Lucy just got out of the shower." Mira's face heated up and dusted her cheeks red at the that comment. "Oh... Well who knows maybe-"

"I wish they would just kiss already!" I yell out of frustration, interrupting Mira.

"Oh my goodness" Mira chuckles with a small smile while holding up one of her hands to cover her mouth.

"Sorry Mira... I just wish they would realize whats going on" She nods her head in agreement I hear another voice in a matter-of-fact tone from behind me.

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