chapter 2 (meeting her)

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I'm heading to south because I know that someone is there, I run, run like a wind. I am the fastest among of all. And now I stop , I saw a man standing out there, shit I feel this thirst of hunger again running through to my veins . oh holy shit I can't control this, I quickly run to the man, and grab the man and pinned it to the wall .... Oh. Who are you? And what are you doing here in my territory?? Are you gay??? The man said like an idiot with a wearing smirk on his old face....

And that's automatically erritate me .what did u just said?? Me a gay?? And grab his neck - hey don't make some love bites at me my wife will get angry ! The man said .no I'll never put some dirty love bites to u old hag but more than that!". I never let the man to talk I just bite his neck and drink his precious blood .. I can hear his loud screaming until he fell to his death and I slowly let my hands get off him and let him just fall into the hard snow....and whisper to his ears .. Kangaroo is not enough for me poor man and lick the blood stains in my lips. So delicious I said and left and run to the fullest like rock in roll to the world ... Until I reach the city and I saw a girl.. She's breathtakingly beautiful but I don't care I can still feel the craving inside me .I walks towards to her and grab here hand and lean her to the nearer lamp post .. Hey who are you she said angrily, do I have to introduced my self lady??? I said , she's just looking at my eyes intently like as if she's reading my mind . tell me who are u??? She said while still looking at my eyes. I am nobody , I honestly answered ... She touch her head as if she remembered something. Hey are u okay?? I ask ,she just nodded and said nothing. So why are u grabbing me here? Look at the people they're staring.. She said calmly as if she's approaching me . because I'm craving I said in a dangerous tone. Oh! Why don't you find some restaurant??? She said ... I don't like in restaurants all I need now is blood. I said she just look at me from head to toe as if she's finding something .... Okay follow me.

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