chapter 1 (someone)

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I am nobody , I don't even know where I am, I am in a middle of no where. My memory is lost, I'm craving but I dont need food , I need fresh blood. Where can I find blood here? If I am in this virgin like Forest !!, full of snows,but I don't feel cold,, I am now starting to walk finding if someone is just around,

After a thousands of step I just made realize that nobody's really here,,, until I found a kangaroo, I feel like craving and thirst for blood again . I take a step towards to the kangaroo,, maybe the kangaroo feels my presence that's why the kangaroo turn the head right and left and it starts to run. Like as if I can't catch up ... Oh man nobody can beat me up ... I grab the neck of the kangaroo and tasted the sweet blood comes from the kangaroo
.. I just heave a sigh because I can feel my body now is fully charge... But what is this feeling that I feel like millions of volts coming from me ,the power of me but I think someone's controlling on it,,, I need to find that someone,nobody can control me. And i hAve the feeling that this someone is watching at me now.. Who are you?? I shouted but nobodys answered only is just the echo of my voice .i can find you sooner or later . nobody can control me Not even the devil....

***authors note****
Sino kaya si someone no??? Haha. Come on readers hula an nyo. At saka pasensya na ha med u pang it ka c this is my first story eh at sa mga wrong grammar . ano ba na men aasahan nyu sa akin eh isang. Hamak na grade 10 lang ako. Anyway sana suportahan nyu ... Wag kalimutang mag vote at mag comment.

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