The drive

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So I took Ruth up on her offer she picked me up and we made our way on to the 2 day trip to the holiday home in California. Whilst we where driving we just making small talk trying to keep entertained because the radio stopped working. We stopped for the night. I started putting up my tent when Ruth came over to me and said " Dillion I really fucked up. I left my tent at home",
I replied with " I've got room in my tent" she
replies with " Thanks your a life saver is there anything I can do for you?"
"Surprise me later" I replied. So later that night I hopped into bed and Ruth jumped just as I turned over and turned the light off, Ruth put her hand in my pants and said "surprise" and started giving me a hand job after a bit of her doing that I started  licking her pussy the way she likes it up and down and side to side . Then she guides my penis into her wet vagina and we started going at it hard, whilst we were still going we started doing doggy style, her face was in the pillow and her beautiful ass was up. Just as I was about to cum she flips over and shoots my cum all over her face. The next morning we packed up camp and started moving again. Luckily the radio started working again. I was driving. I asked "who was going to be there?" Ruth replied "Just a few  friends of mine they are Melissa, She is a gorgeous blond beauty, she will stay the longest, then there will be Elizabeth she is a brunette hottie and she will be there with her sister Debbie they will leave first." So for awhile we drive while listening to the radio and we pull in to our destination

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