Chapter 7

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Chapter 7
       If there's only one place where Liam felt so alive, it will be in Wolverhampton. He was born there. He grew up there. In the middle of the large coffee farm, he learned to love the soil. The soil, the cool air, and the sweet, pungent and stimulating aroma of coffee were his drug.

       He rarely miss on going to Wolverhampton on weekends. It's within his job to inspect the operation at the farm and factory on a regular basis. He loved the farm. It was his farm. That's what Mark nailed in his brain when he started at his company. Love for the earth was in his nature. He was a farmer, and he was proud of that.

       It's seven in the morning; he's playing football alone at the back of the Small House. After having had several bottles of beer and less than four hours of sleep the previous night, he felt he needed the adrenaline rush.

       A big party was thrown at the Big House last night to celebrate their success in getting Paramount Plaza Hotel as their client. Thanks to Louis, they now had a gold mine called Columbus Group. And the grand celebration was truly called for. Even Mark agreed to it.

       "Give my son a big party, Liam. He deserves it." is what the man proudly commanded after hearing what his son accomplished.

       The event had been very fun. Different from the previous parties done at the Big House. Cara is the one who organized it and of course, it was made according to the taste of the young CEO. It was upbeat and fun, where every body had the chance to let their hair down.

       Liam enjoyed it too, except for Harry and Sophia who made the night a bit sour for him. Of course, the rockstar did not leave Louis' side. He even planned on wooing Louis last night. But of course, he failed because that Harry guards Louis like a goalie.

       And Sophia.. she bitched around him the entire night, saying that Louis bypassed her when the CEO did not endorse Calum Hood to the sales department.


       "Is that right, Liam? He had a connection with Paramount. Why didn't he tell us? So he could get credit for it? That kid is clearly competing with me!" Sophia ranted angrily.

       Liam got mad at what she said. "That 'kid' that you're reffering to, owns this company. It's his prerogative to do things on his own if he thinks it's good for the business. He doesn't need to endorse anything to you because he knows Calum Hood on a personal level. Besides, didn't you gave up on Paramount a long time ago?"

       Liam really hated it when some people at work would tend to rival than work harmoniously with others. "Sophia, we're at a party. Relax and have fun." He told her just to make her stop.

       "I have an idea of fun better than this.." The lady answered with a whisper and a suggestive smile.

       He glanced at the woman. Sophia was still a very attractive woman, and she could draw men by her mere presence. The thing is, he's really not into her and her likes. In a way, there's no problem in it because they've broken up a long time ago. "I can't. I'll go to Wolverhampton tomorrow." He politely declined.

       She just raised an eyebrow at him. "Of course.." She said before walking towards a group of men.

       "Of course." He told himself. It's never been a secret to him that Sophia's nights weren't cold even when they're still together. He never liked her but of course he would really appreciate it if she somehow respect his decision to not allowing her in his pants, then jumping to some guy's pants. And that was actually the reason why they broke up.

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