Tre'mayne's Pov

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I woke up to trap niggas by future blasting in my room. "Damn i knew i shoulda went to bed early last night, i just had to go to the trap house." Today was the first day of my senior year and to be honest i was ready for it to be over, school just isn't my thing don't get me wrong i make straight A's and all i just don't feel like dealing with people.

I checked my phone to return some messages and then got out of bed headed to the bathroom I turned the shower on while waiting for it get hot i used the bathroom and then brushed my teeth, after finishing my teeth i took off my boxers and hopped in. I used my favorite soap and body wash 'Irish Spring' i was going to smell good af today, about 30 mins past i turned the water off and got out the tub wrapping the towel around my waist.

Walking to my walk in closet i found the good 'first day of school outfit' i had a black tank top, my 24k diamond ear ring,my silver chain and some khaki skinny jeans i sagged them just enough not where you can't see my boxers thats dat gay shit. To finish off my outfit i put on my new all white custom made forces what made them special was that they had 'Tre'mayne' written on the sides in graffiti.

"Who's that? Oh I forgot to introduce myself, Wassup I'm Tre'mayne Montgomery or you also might know me as my street name 'hustleman', I'm the sexiest smartest drug dealer you'll ever meet." I looked at my phone it was 6:50 i had some time before school started so i got in blu' my 2017 baby blue range rover, yes i named my car she's my baby i bought her a few months ago. While in the car I blasted migos 'rich nigga time line' thats my favorite mixtape by them. Going down the highway jamming i come the school pulling in the parking lot I noticed a sexy ass black Ferrari "hmm i wonder who could be driving that" I thought to myself.

I parked next to it to find out who drove it, then my song 'hit em up' came on and thats my shit so I'm dabbin and juggin to it. The bell rang and i looked over to see the doors opening to the 'rrari next to me a breded foot stepped out and I thought "oh its one of them rich stuck up niggas". I turned the car off got my stuff, sprayed some polo cologne on then opened the door but it didn't go to far cause i hit something more like someone i was about to apologize but i seen an ass a phat one.

I took in the appearance of the finest girl that I've ever seen at this school, she was looking right with her white jeans and black shirt on 'i wonder what she looks like from the front' she must've read my mind because she turned around looking mad as hell but that made her look sexy asf. "My bad ma i ain't mean to hit ya" she didn't say anything she was just staring at me . Flashing my pearly whites i then asked "You see something you like?" "Im sorry what did you say?" Her voice was so cute " "I said do you see something you like?" This must've made her mad cause she scrunched up her face and said " Why would you say that?" "Because you was looking dead hard at me, i mean i know I'm sexy and all but no need to stare." " Nobody was staring at you, i was thinking when you gone say sorry for hitting me with your door." "Oh thats not my fault, you shoulda been paying attention but i gotta get to class bye now."

I locked my door and walked into school all eyes were on me the girls eye rapping me and the boys looking at me in a jealous rage, I had gym first period so i headed to the boys locker room and went through there and entered the gym, i looked around to see if any of my homies were in here, i found my 'brother' sean he was my nigga since 1st grade he basically my brother so i walked over to him dapped him up and we was chilling on the bleachers until i saw a familiar pair of white jeans "oh gym is finna be fun" I smiled to myself. "Aye wassup bruh " "Wassup tre " " Aye you see that girl over there? " I said pointing to the girl standing across the gym talking to her friend. "Yeah that's Layla, she's cool asf " " hmm.. She gotta man?" "Nah but she did date that fake ass nigga Chris tho" "Oh word" " yeah i can put you in if you want me to" "Nah im good i got I'll get her on my own".

After that we just talked about how we gotta go to work after school. Me and Sean are the best drug dealers in the city but we lowkey about it tho, the reason we do it is so we can get our families out the hood and live a better life, I got in the game after my dad died and my mom started struggling to feed us. I didn't want to see my mom having to fight just to put food on the table so i called up Sean who was already in it and here we are 3 years later.

The teachers blew the whistles for us to go into roll call so i got out and purposely bumped into Layla "Excuse me my bad" I said smiling and she just glared at me and went to her spot. While the teacher was giving us a lecture about what we need for this class and all that bullshit i got out my phone and headphones and started to listen to music while thinking this is going to be a fun year but I couldn't shake this bad feeling that something is going to happen.

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