Life, Why are you so mysterious?

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As I walk down a deserted road,
I question life to crack the code,
What is my purpose of existence?
Can you tell me without pretence?

Life then says, Figure it out on your own,
As I know you fear the unknown.
You come here without a purpose,
Confused, perplexed and nervous.

I say, I have lost hope,
And find no reasons to cope.
I am chained with my memories of past,
And the spells you cast.

Life says, you have a choice,
You can choose to raise your voice,
Break the shackles of your past,
And stop being an outcast.

I smile at the ambiguity life displays,
I realised our friendship still prevailed.
Despite the dark charms cast by life,
I realised it is worth the strive.

A/N- I hope you guys are enjoying my poems so far... Do let me know areas to improve. Amazing you people are! Thank you so much! :) As always, stay happy and be awesome :)


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