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The bell rung and I toddled off to class. I sat in my seat and waited for Mr Rack to come and teach us some more boring shit about science, I love science but his voice is robotic so it's very frustrating. Then she entered Rachel Raw, the lead slut/barbie of school. She walked up to my desk sliding the books of my desk. "Oops! Sorry don't get in the way next time Lexi, you could've ruined my mani" she snarled. God I hated her! I rolled my eyes and picked up my books while she walked away her Choos clicking behind her.
10 minutes into class Jackson arrived, panting at the door "sorry I'm late" he said in between gasps, I just smiled.
"Mr Benson, take a seat do not be late again" said Mr Rack. Jackson nodded. I could see Rachel waving from the corner of my eye gesturing for Jackson to come sit next to her. He declined with a raised hand and came and sat next to me. "Seat taken?" He smirked, without waiting on response he sat down. I rolled my eyes, slightly wanting to stick my tongue out and Rachel who was staring at me with devil eyes.
"So how's your mum?" Asked Jackson "good, thanks, still sick you know, refusing treatment" my mum had cancer... Anyway "how bout you" I said "yeah yeah good" he replied. He stared at me for the rest of the lesson but we sat in silence. 5 minutes before the bell rang I said to him "stop staring you perv" I was smiling he looked shocked then played a fake look of hurt "how dare you! I was simple admiring your beauty" he said smiling. I rolled my eyes I knew what he was doing he was trying to make me buttery. Not gonna happen I look at him and rolled my eyes. "God your hopeless" I said and laughed, he laughed too. The bell than rang and we parted ways, him heading to the cafeteria with the popular kids and me heading to the library for some peace and quite. We were so different but we were still best friends.

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