Who Are You?

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Imagine, you're walking home with your music blasting through your headphones. You feel something brush your shoulder, but when you turn around, there's nothing there.

A few moments later, something grabs your arm with so much force that you trip and fall backwards. This time when you turn around you see two black orbs staring back at you, a couple of meters away, a silhouette pinning a man to the ground.  

Then, out of nowhere, a blade comes spiraling through the air straight at you. You can't move, you stare at the blade in complete shock. 

It's like the world is moving in slow motion. The blade is gaining speed and is getting bigger, as it gets closer. You close your eyes, waiting for the impact, but it never comes, instead when you open your eyes you see the black orbs two inches away. 

Before you could open your mouth, the black orbs roll up and all you see is white before their eyes close and they fall onto you. 

You hold them up, but when you put your hands on their back you feel some thick liquid oozing out, and a knife stuck in their back.

What would you do? Will you call the ambulance? Would you carry them to the hospital that is a couple out meters away? or Would you do what I did? 

I am Alex Redmond. I am an orphan who wishes to be a doctor so I can help others. I don't know what I did in order to be almost killed. Twice. My life was uneventful, until the mysterious person came and saved me from almost being killed. But that was almost 5 years ago. Up until this day, I was either trying to stay alive or saving the one who saves me. 

How will I know who the person is if they keep disappearing the day after they come back to consciousness?  

Please comment if you want me to write the story!

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