The Stairs to Creepy Stuff

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I wake up in a unfamiliar room with boxes on boxes everywhere. Slowly creeping out of the sleeping bag I'm in I put my hand on the cool wall looking for the lightswitch. Instead my hand finds a nail and I scrap skin off. "Ohhhfffff!" I say as my foot trips over a box and iI fall hard. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~When I open my eyes there's a light right in my face. As I blink away the black dots in my eyes I remember falling. Probably hit my head and blacked out. When my eyes adjust there's a part of the wall missing and in its place there's a staircase. But instead of old looking with spiderwebs the stairs were bleach white. A rope of strob lights lined the top and bottom causing all the light. Grabbing a yard stick(to you know protect myself ) I head down.

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