Boarding School Here I Come

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As me and William arrived home he sat me down and gave me a lecture on how his so disappointed in me.

" You can't even go through one day without getting into trouble. I give up Elizabeth, your 14 years old and you should know better! Remember that day I had to get you from the police station? Because you continued to steal from the stores! No more, your going to boarding school and that's final!"

He didn't even let me explain.

" Your not my real father William! You think I'm gonna straighten out by sending me to Hogwarts? I wish mum were here!"

I bawled to him as I shot up. My older brother Luke, who's William's son, came in the lounge room scooping vanilla ice cream.

" Did I miss anything? Shit! I'm going to collage in only 45 minutes".

He twisted his arm and checked his watch, dropping the ice cream he ran out of the room and got ready for collage.

Great, my step dad is angry at me, I'm going to boarding school, I'm expelled from every school in the state and now my only sibling is leaving for collage again. It came to the point where I didn't bothered to care. I just sat back on the black leather chair, watching the sun go down behind Willaim. My lounge room has one whole wall that shows the view of the whole city, it let's the warm yellowish orange sun shine through the kitchen and lounge room. It's one of my favourite rooms in the house.

" Your packing tonight, leaving tomorrow".

That was my step dad's last words he said to me that night.

" Whatever William".

Usually he likes to be called dad from me and Will from other people but I call him William just to annoy him. Maybe some day he'll give up on me.

The rest of the night I packed all my clothes, all the shoes I wear and my perfume my mother used to wear.

" I wish mum was here".

I told myself in bed. I wear my mum's old blue jumper. It's the only thing that reminds me of her, it still smells like her perfume. William told me she went missing out of the blue, soon the police had found her body. I was only 4 years old when this happened. The police told him that she was murdered by being stabbed in the chest. I didn't know how to react. I don't have picture of her, neither does William.

In the morning I had breakfast with William.

" How was your sleep?"

As he was scooping his cereal with his spoon he asked me while I trudged out my room with PJ shorts and my mum's blue giant jumper. I swing my legs and rest them on the dining chair's left arm. I dig my ear phones in my ears pretending to listen to a song, that felt like my own escape from talking to William.

" Dreaming about a boarding school isn't nice William".

He sighed for me calling him William again. I just ignore his sighs before I get annoyed.

" Your going to HillCliff boarding school today at 10:00am. Behave".

" Tsss".

I smirk while grinning.

" Stop being such a dad".

I ran my fingers through my hair trying to part it properly and neaten it out. William rolled his eyes and finished his breakfast. After that I pretend to put a song on, sliding my thumb across the 7 cm screen sifting through the songs I have but soon doesn't even listen to it.

" Go and get ready, come on".

He waved his hand up. I pushed myself up giving him attitude then headed to my room to get ready.

By the time I arrived to my room I stripped down to my underwear and bra and searched in my closet for nice clothes to wear. I selected a green singlet, black denim skinnies, purple Converses and the finishing touch is my mum's blue jumper that were just above my knobbly knees. So, on me, a "scrawny" short girl, it looked really daggy and baggy. But I didn't care what people say about me, I could dance on a public transport if I felt like it.

" Elizabeth! It's almost 10:00, what are you doing up there!?"

William was calling me from down stairs.

" Yea! Just give me a minute William!"

I showed more attitude, only for the reason his putting me into that school. But I was actually checking myself out in the full length mirror, smiling and being proud if myself.

" I'll never anyone take this away".

I murmur to myself feeling fulfil and complete. But at the same time there is something stealing a bit of my completeness...Hogwarts. That boarding school. I don't even get to say goodbye to my best friend Rose. I like to refer to William as The Ultimate Fun Sucker. I sometimes even sing it to him.

It all started when I was 10 years old, Rose was over and we wanted to have some money for food. He insisted and walked away.

" What a fun sucker!"

I shouted to him. William suddenly turned back around and told me off. He sent home Rose, made me cry for ages actually. Until Luke came in and tickled me to death, I even punched him the nose that day trying to escape the tense scene. My stomach was hard as rock and hurt for a while. But he didn't mean to hurt me. Tickling me took away the tears rolling out.

William looks a lot like Bradley Cooper.

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