Chapter 12

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"Shows over.", Shay muttered as she harshly shoved open the back stage door and walked out into the cool night air with Alex following close behind. " Violet! What are you talking about?!" She shook her head and kept facing forward, avoiding looking at him, "The shoe just got to me. Forget what I said. I was just going with the plan. Matt asked me to improvise and I did.", she said plainly as she shoved her hands into her jacket pocket and headed straight for the bus. "That's not true and you know it screw what Matt said. I and everyone else there saw that, they felt it..I felt it..and you did too." Alex stopped where he was and watched her walk away as she just shook her head and kept her head down.

Violet walked through the have empty bus and went straight back to her bunk to grab her wallet before she walked out past Alex and Rian and went off to go hail a cab. Ri walked up behind and raised a brow as Vi hurriedly left, " What's that about?" Alex shook his head and passed him as he walked onto the bus. Rian sighed and followed after him. Jack and Zack were still inside the venue chatting up a few people near the merch tables.

Ri shut the bus door and decided it was best not to bother Alex as he sat back on the couch sulking. Stella was done taking photos inside and with her camera in hand she headed back to the bus to find a distant Alex. " He, what's wrong with you? That show was amazing!", Stell mused. He shook his head, " Because I'm an idiot. I actually fell for her and I'm an idiot for thinking she was too.." Stella sighed deeply and set aside her camera as she sat down beside Alex. " Listen, Violet..Shay..whatever, she's one of my best friends and she's stubborn and a bitch and she's just scared. You're freaking her out because she doesn't fall in love. And she's scared she's falling for you. Let her go..let her figure it out. You're an idiot but so is she...and I normally would not promote this but I think you need a drink. Where's Jack's stash?" Alex pointed to a drawer across the bus and sure enough half full bottles were laid down in the back of the drawer. Alex sat up and took a swig and Stella took one too. "It's stupid but I can't get her out of my head. She's a fucking bitch and I love it, she's like everything I've ever wanted and..", Stella cut him off and patted his back, " Take another drink, you need it."


" Its 3Am. The bus is going to leave. Where is she? ", Zack muttered as he leaked out he bus window. Stella shook her head, " I haven't h are from her..I don't know. She's not answering her phone." Jack shook his head, " Dude. Nobody tell Matt, we have to find her before he kills her." Zack nodded in agreement, " I guess I'll go stall." Stella looked around at the three remaining boys, Jack, Rian and Alex, " So who's going to look for her?" Jack slipped his phone into his pocket, " You and I will grab a cab together and go hit up the bars past twenty-fourth, Alex should go look uptown and Rian can get a cab and look downtown." Stella piped in, " She's in heels and miniskirt with purple hair, it's not too hard to miss.", she added. Everyone went separate ways in search of Shay before Matt could find out.

Nobody had any luck finding Shay until Rian found her in a bar happily drinking around and dancing with men ogling and photos of the drunk celebrity being taken and posted online. Inside the dingy dimly lit bar Shay was leaning over the bar hitting on the bartender and ordering more drinks as several men sat around her ogling over the attractive woman in her high heels, mini skirt and leather jacket. She laughed and winked at the bartender as she slurred a thank you and downed a shot of jaeger. Rian walked in and some girl recognized him and had her phone out as she giggled and snapped a picture of him. He walked straight to the bar and stepped between a guy who was leaning over Shay and he looked down at her, " Vi, what are you doing here?" With a devilish grin she purred, " I'm having fun Ri-Ri. You-" she said pressing her index finger into his chest. " You should try it sometime." He sighed, " The bus is leaving soon. Everybody is looking for you. We were worried. And here you are getting drunk off your ass? What the hell happened?" She smirked and gave a shrug, " I wanted a drunk, and I got a drink and I made some nice friends. I'm sorry I guess I got tired of faking being with Alex.." She then turned and looked to everyone in the crowd as she called out through the bar, "YOU HEAR THAT?! EVERYBODY ALEX GASKARTH AND SHAY ARE A FAKE COUPLE. Shaylex is a lie and I am a liar!" Rian shook his head, " Shay come on." She shrugged and turned as she downed another shot. As she kept drinking Rian sighed, "Violet, you need to head back to the bus." She laughed and handed him a drink, " Loosen up Ri." He took it and then set it down, " Let's go." She smirked and leaned forward up against him as she giggled, " But Ri..." She smirked and got up on her tippy-toes as she traced up and kissed him. A few long moments later, she pulled back with a wild grin as she went to order a beer and Rian in awe and shock just started at her.
He grabbed her arm and she just giggled and smirked. With a sigh he pulled out his wallet, paid for her drinks and scooped her up into his arms as he walked her out to the cab and headed into the bus.

In the backseat of the cab as they drove through the city she leaned against can door, sitting sideways in the seat with her legs over Rian's lap as she crossed her arms over her chest and pouted. " I was having fun!", she protested." He shook his head, "We were really worried about you Vi. I was worried. You can't get pissed off and just run off." She was overly intoxicated and clearly emotional as she started crying , " I'm sorryyyyyyyy.", she whined. Rian sighed and pulled her into his lap as he hugged her and stroked her hair, "'s okay. Don't cry. It's okay. You just made some mistakes and that's okay, you're an amazing person. You're beautiful, and talented and smart, just an amazing person and one of my best friends. You'll figure it out, I know you will and..." Ήe trailed off as he looked down to find Violet asleep against his chest and he just smiled down at her and loved a piece of hair out of her face. When the cab pulled up the bus engine was just starting up and Matt was over at the equipment trucks so Rian picked up the passed out, drunk, Violet and carried her into the bus. Stella sat on the couch leaning against Jack, "Did you find her! Where was she?" Stella said as she sat up within Jack's arms. Rian shook his head as he carried her to the back bunk, " A bar.", was all he said. Zack went over and helped clear off her bunk so Rian could set her down. Once she was all tucked in Alex walked over and stopped Rian before he walked back down to the other end of the bus, " Is she okay?" , he asked worriedly. Rian nodded, " She's fine. I just think she's afraid. She's confused and she drank about half the bar so once she sleeps it off and survived a deadly hangover, she'll be fine." Alex nodded, " Did she say anything to you? I mean she was fine and then all of a sudden she just flipped out and left." Rian shrugged, " Nothing important.", he said before walking past Alex.

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