Thors unlucky game

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Rosemary pov
We push open the doors and we walk through I smiled I was so ready for this. A bunch of my fellow classmates from my old school jumped and said "she had to cheat to get here Odin wouldn't have allowed it." I reply "actually my grandfather Odin did allow it and he is a slip from him to prove it." I handed the clerk the slip. We were the second match I watched. It was a no maim game which I liked. They called our names I was so nervous but excited. I saw Thor was in the booth being the final judge. He looked worried when we appeared on the field. I also saw my little cousin that I love so I wave and she waves back. I wink as if to say I got this no worries. I saw my old bully come on to the field he smirks and says "aw Rosemary has her daddy huh." I smirk and say "sure do. By the way your going down." He laughs and says "I'm the one with wins here at least more then you.Just because you have a quick wit and strong thought process doesn't mean anything here." I smile and Thor shouts "enough banter get on with it." I was about to bow but the first spell was fired by the boy's father. I held up my hand and the spell faded. It was my turn. I held up my hand and the first spell the crossed my mind was the spell of vines of thorns. The father did not see it coming. My dad smiles and saw my idea pin them and make them unable to move. He held out his hand and shot a spell I knew very well. It was a chain spell. It hit the boy straight on. But as it curled around him he shot out a fire snake. I smiled this was getting fun. As the snake came at me I simply used a water spell and it disentigrated.  I had him he melted off the chains and summoned a sword to cut his father lose. My father summoned a ice lion as I believe the midgardins say you know that large cat with a big mane and is usually yellow. To accompany his cat I shot out a wolf made of different plants. They shot out yet again a fire serpent and a moose with ice. I laughed so hard. The animals went after each other and I summoned a trident to pin the boy to the earth with. The father stared helpless and tried to take me down but my father wouldn't have that a summoned a serpent to bind him with. It's kinda ironic that my dad choose that but we won't get into it. Needless to say we won. I smiled at my father Loki and said "Father that was marvelous!" He smiles and says "yes that was a lot of fun wasn't it." After that we weren't allowed to battle not because we broke the rules but because Thor wanted to make sure people didn't get out of line (cough us cough). But we let that go and went to get ice cream to celebrate. You notice that we have a lot of the same things on our realm well you see ever sense Thor visited he absolutely had to add all of the lovely things he saw such as ice cream and coffee and for some odd reason a pastry you people call pop tarts he is in love with those things and insisted that poor Sif eat them too. Never the less we have ice cream. Which is my favorite food by far just to let you  know. After we finished the ice cream we ran down to the arena to watch other people compete there was this boy who absolutely blew my mind away now he would have been the perfect competition. The way he planned everything out I almost couldn't see it almost. His plan was simple but his spells were complicated. I knew them all and there blocks but its not something these people would know how to use. I smiled at my father and said "Father do you think I'll see him at school?" Loki replies "well Rosemary you might but he is probably a upper class student." I nod and say "That must make me a little bit above him then because I know these spells and how to block them  easily." He nods and says "do you want to go back to sword fighting I've had my fair share of watching this it was fun competing but not finishing it threw when we easily could bothers me." I nod and Loki moves us outside with a flick of his fingers. I was holding my father's old sword I slide it out and check to make sure everything was good. It was perfect. My father read my puzzled look as we had been sparing and it was fairly hard blows being thrown. He says "I enchanted it a long time ago to never fade or be damaged. It restores itself after every battle." I say "Father you should teach me how to do this sometime you did amazing." He smiled clearly happy to receive praise for his work. We sparred for quite sometime even after the sun had set my father and I each made our own floating light to keep practicing. I was finally starting to deliver blows as well and not just block. I noticed something about my dad as we were training he never hit me even when I had a place in blocked. He didn't want to hurt me I mean I never thought he did but usually people get a few blows when there learning you know to teach then to move quicker. But my father didn't. Is it because I'm doing well? I'm unsure.
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