Fate is twisted

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Michaels pov
It turns out I was wrong. Rose was actually quite helpful even though she was just leaning against the wall. She still was able to throw her shield and get the job done. She tried to stand up and fell. I caught her but she was passed out again. I threw her shield on my back again. Even though I know she is in pain she was still so beautiful. We reached the exit safely and I found that truck. I put her up shot gun. I pulled out a blanket and put it on her like she could be sleeping in the front seat. I also buckled her up. Then I started my real work. I hot wired the truck to make it start because I knew they wouldn't just leave the keys in here I wasn't about to waste the time looking. I got it. I look at the road ahead and so far it looked clear so I put my foot on the peddle and I was driving carefully. I feel like once we get out of here I should take her to a hospital but what would I tell them? Car accident? No I would have to call an ambulance what of I just get there and then faint at like the entrance with her or something so they don't question me until I get take care of. That might work. Alright first lets get a couple states over first. We reach the gate and I set her shield on her lap and I open my door. I heard sirens going off but luckily no one was at the gate. I felt a sudden urge to rush so I just grab my bow and shoot the lock with an explosive arrow. It would make noise but I should have enough time to set my bow back in the car and the explosive goes off. I open the gate and I hop in the truck and quickly push it through the gate. We were through "yes! We've made it Rose just hang on please I will get us out of here I swear it too you." We get about two miles down the road before I take her shield off her lap. After that my plan was simple. Drive for a couple of states and get to a hospital. I was driving and looking for some fast food at the same time. I saw that we had about 30 dollars so I figured we could at least afford a little fast food. Plus who knows what they put in her system. I pull up to a McDonald's and say "I'd like three cheese burgers and two medium fires." A lady said "what would you like to drink sir?" I say "two fruit punches." The lady says "12.50 first window." I pulled forward. Handed the man my money and went up as soon as the car in,front of me went. I got our food and hurried out of there. Rose was still out cold. I knew I needed to drive as far as I could. I put us back on the main highway my thought is they wouldn't attack us when there are a bunch of other cars are on the road plus they have no clue which way we are heading. Honestly I'm thinking mine and my brothers summer cabin. That was in Maine let's see where we are so I know where to go. Okay we are a long ways away we are in Kentucky. That means we need to go north. I ate my food quickly I ate two burgers and one fry and I took a couple drinks before turning my attention to Rose how could I feed her? Would it be safe? I had no clue but I placed a fry in her mouth. She chewed and swallowed perfect yes ok let's not over feed her. Her body has gone through enough crap already. I drove for what feels like hours before finally getting far enough away to were it is safe to take her to a hospital. It was pitch black out by the time I let myself pull over to one. I parked the truck behind a few trees and I stuck her shield under her seat. I looked around and I found a old looking jacket so I threw it on her trying to hide her suit for the most part worst comes to worst I'll say something silly like role playing or something. I looked down at myself lucky I wasn't wearing my suit. I grabbed Rose and held her close to me. I made my way into the hospital. As soon as a nurse came to question me I pretended to black out. I figured maybe I could avoid questions I didn't have an answer to if I just blacked out. I woke up after falling asleep on a bed in the hospital Rose was in my room. I got up but a nurse said "its best if you still lie down you may not be as bad as her but you are still bad off." I nod and say "I'm confused what has happened so far all I remember is walking through the door." She nods but says "I'll tell you later right now you should get some rest."

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