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Today shockingly was sunny. But I was disappointed that Emmett wasn't here today.

I think I may have feeling for him. No scratch that I do have feelings for him.
"He's not here." Angela tells Bella referring to Edward. "Whenever the weathers nice, the Cullen's disappear."

"What do they just ditch?" I ask curiously.

"No, Dr. and Mrs. Cullen yank them out for, like, hiking and camping and stuff. I tried that out on my parents. Not even close."

"Guys, I'm going to the prom with Eric." Angela said walking over and sitting down. "I just asked him. I took control."

"I told you that would happen." Bella said.

"Are you sure you have to go out of town?" Angela asks Bella.

"Oh yeah, it's a little family thing." Bella said.

"But I'm not going." I said. " Angela, Jessica we should go shopping in Port Angeles before all the good dresses get cleaned out." I stated. They nodded agreeing.

"Port Angela's? You mind if I come?" Bella asks.

"Yeah, I need your opinion." Angela says.

I told Bella about what Jake told me on the beach and ever since she wanted to learn more about it. I swear it's because it has something to do with Edward.
"Okay I think this is the one." I told the girls.

"Yea get that one!" Jessica said. Angela agrees. A group of guys walked by and knocked on the glass whistling at us.

"Bella, what do you think?" I ask turning to her.

"That looks great." She says.

"You said that about, like, the last five dresses though." Jessica said.

"I thought they were all pretty good." She commented.

Bella ended up leaving to go to a book store and we are going to meet up with her later at a restaurant.

We bought the dresses and left the store. And Jessica just won't stop talking and i don't want to snap at her so I told them I was going to catch up with my sister.

But I got lost -_-

I walked down the street having no idea where the hell I was going.

"Lost?" A familiar voice said. I smiled as I looked into the street where the silver jeep was with Emmett in the drivers seat.

"Just a tad." He smirked.

"Get in." I didn't object and walked to the passengers side.

"So where to?" He asked. I nervously laugh.

"Um I was going to catch up with my sister but I dunno where she is." I said. He laughed and I sheepishly smiled.

"That's smart." He said sarcastically.

"Oh shut up!" I say laughing a bit and playfully hit his shoulder. He chuckled.

"Hungry?" He asked. I nodded. I sent Jessica and Angela a text saying I wasn't with Bella and to get dinner without me.

We pulled up to a diner and went in.

I ate one of my fries.

"Are you sure I can't get you anything?" The waitress asks Emmett.

"I'm sure." He says. She walks away.

"Thanks." I say taking a sip of my Pepsi. He looks at me confused. I gesture to the food.

"For this." He nodded.

"No problem." He said smiling which made me smile. I felt butterflies in my tummy but it was a good feelings. "I can't take this anymore!" Emmett said. I look at him confused, scrunching my eyebrows. "Look I like you Ari." He stated.

He did?

"Really?" I ask him. He nodded.

"I have since I first met you believe it or not. I just wanted to wait and got to know you more and I definitely felt it when we kissed last week." He states. I smile.

"I like you too." I told him truthfully. A big grin made a way onto his face.

"Then I guess you know what I'm about to ask you?" I chuckle.

"I'm sure I do."

"Will you be my girlfriend?" I smile.

"Yes I would love to." He chuckled and leaned over the table pecking me on the cheek making me giggle.
I finish my food and he drove me home. I texted the girls first of course telling them so they wouldn't worry.

Emmett walked me up to my door.

"Thanks again." I told him. He wrapped his arms around my waist as I wrapped mine around his neck. He softly kissed me and I kissed him back.

"No problem babe." He said. I hugged him before going back in.

Bella and dad weren't back yet so I took that as my opportunity to take a shower.

Afterwards I got changed into a tank top and sweatpants and soon fell asleep. But I woke up in the middle of the night and I swore I saw Emmett but like in a flash he was gone.
Eh I thought this chapter sucked but I hope u guys liked it.


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