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so wolfgang be walking through the school, lookin' all fly and shit, and everyone knows it. we're somewhat " popular ", although we don't like to label ourselves that. but i guess by the clothes we wear, the things we do, and the things we can do,  it can come off as " popular ". 

know what i mean ?

and then all of a sudden, michael speaks out.

" you guys wanna come to my place on the weekend ? "

and everyone's like, " sure, aight. "

but andrew, being the smart one he is, says, " which day ? there's two days on the weekend, michael. learn your math. " and throws a sarcastic grin at him.

" shut up, smartass. " michael replied, with a laugh. " let's do saturday, since the next day we don't have school. "

" makes sense. " devin agrees.

" what is you planning on doin', fam ? " zak asks.

" yeah. i'm actually kinda curious. and this better be somewhat appropriate. you know my parents. " i say back. my parents are the real chill kind, but they know when something's gone too far from their liking. and my parents are hella laid back with wolfgang. that's the good part.

" it'll be appropriate.. somehow.. " michael replies.

" you have no idea how this is gonna go now, huh ? " kailee says with a sarcastic look on her face.

" not a clue. but i'll figure out something. promise. " he hesitantly replies.

" you better. " amber declared. " or else you know how her parents can get. "

" i know. " he says. everyone knows how my parents can get. they've all had encounters with them, good and bad. but they still consider everyone family.

" okay. but you better make it lit. finna get turnt and shit while we there, aight ? " i ask.

" aight, my nigga, i gotchu. don't sweat it. "

" aight then. imma cop out and get to class. i don't wanna get hell again because of that " i'm late " bullshit. see y'all later. " i said to everyone.

" see ya, lani. "

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