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Rose pov
Andy and the guys were really busy today and I wasn't allowed to be there request of management. I didn't mind even thought Andy seemed upset and all the other guys were bummed too but they understood. So I picked up my phone. It was time to see how good these friends I made at the concert really were. I called Alexandria first. It took about three rings before she picked up and said "hello?" I say "hey Alexandria it's me Rose I was wondering if you wanted to hang out for a little while today?" She said "Oh hey Rose and I would love to where?" I say "um how about Hot topic could kinda use some new stuff anyways." She says "Sure hot topic is one of my favorite stores." I smile and we agreed to meet at like 12. That gave me like Three hours to get ready. I guess I better start getting ready it's kinda quite here with out them anyways. I had some of my money in my account still anyways so I could afford to go out and do so. I hopped in the shower real quick and I got out and put in my earrings they were the bvb studs and I through on my batman tee shirt with black skinny jeans. I grabbed my batman beanie Andy has never seen me where this but if he did I'm not sure how happy he would be. Probably really happy though. I put on my black converse after straightening my hair I place on my beanie. Grab my black purse and threw my phone in it with my wallet and headed out the door. After the concert I was trying to blend in. Which is why I didn't wear much bvb because I didn't want anyone to make the connection and start hoarding around me. I would have called Jaide too but I didn't want to be overwhelmed if things didn't work out with Alexandria. I walk out and Andy left me his car just I. Case I wanted to go anywhere. I was really grateful for it. I left a note on the counter just in case they got home before I did. I also wrote my emergency plan just in case something happened. I didn't think it would I wouldn't go if I did but I had to be safe. I get there at about eleven thirty. Now I had a little bit of free time to I went to hobby lobby real quick just to look around .didn't see anything special so I just left at twelve and met her at the food court like we agreed. When I saw her I saw her wearing a Identity Disorder tee shirt. I say "nice shirt. You like them as well?" She nods and says "well actually I'm the bassist." My jaw fell open that's why she seemed to understand what I meant when I said the stuff about the band. I say "that makes so much sense now." She smiles and says "now your connecting the dots. Anyways love the batman stuff. You ready for hot topic." I smile and say "I'm always ready for hot topic." She laughs and we walk in. I can't decide what I want. I walk past anime and supernatural and I found more superhero stuff. I squeaked and she smiled she picked up a batman hoodie and I found the nightmare before Christmas there was a Jack and Sally hoodie I picked it up no way that was staying there. I also found a cute disturbed tee shirt I thought it would look nice under the hoodie. I grabbed a pair of earrings they were the tie that Jack wears with his suit. It was time to try every thing on. I came out about five min later and asked her "what do you think?" I saw her emerge from the one next to me she was wearing a bunch of batman stuff I smile and give her a thumbs up and she says "sounds like you I like it." I smile we both laugh and try on a bunch of different costumes from all of our favorite shows movies and what not. At one point I came out as Cheshire Cat and she came out as Harley Quinn. We both fell over laughing. I saw the guys walk in and I say to her not realizing they were behind me. "Well I'm gonna go put back on my bat man stuff and I'm ready when you are." She says "totally you want to hit up some other places?" I say "I'd love too your choice." She nods and I come back out in my batman stuff I heard a whistle from behind me coming back out and I say "look buster I'm not interested I have a way cuter boy then you." Alexandria whispers to me "you just talked down and up to Andy at the same time nice going." My face went red as I look over and see him smile him and the guys were laughing and he hugs me. I grabbed my stuff and checked out with my first outfit she bought hers as well and I say "so who you looking at?" Her face goes red and she says "oh no one." I said "sure uh huh it would just be easier for you if you just tell me." She says "fine it's not like he would be interested in me anyways. Christian Coma." I smile and say "nonsense he has no girlfriend and you two would be cute." She smiles and says "you think so?" I nod and say "of course I do." Andy walks over away from the guys and he says "so what you talking about?" We both say at the same time "girl stuff. Jinx double jinx." We both laugh and I say "tie." She nods and Andy walks over to the food court we follow him. We all decided to get ice cream and it was my turn. I walk over to him and wrap my arms around him from behind and say "please be no mad at me." He spins around with his famous childish smile and say "never. I could never be mad at you." I smile and we sit down and we all eat agree to hang out again set a date and part ways as the sun was setting and I had a mission.

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