Chapter 1

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Not less than a week ago Romeo showed up at my front door giving me hugs and passionate kisses pulling me close and nearly sucking me inside of him with the deep kisses he gave me the way he leaned into me how he pulled me close it was like we had been dating for years and were just so passionate about each other even though I hung there like an old rag doll just arms fallen back well his were tightly wrapped around my lower back. Today he came up to my room my parents couldn't care because they had no choice he was 18 years old well I was only 15 and the fact that I was basically sold to his family I was his not my parents anymore he pushed me on to my bed and came and passionately kissed me so hard I could feel the weight of him press me into the bed then he started to take his shirt off (oh my god his body is like the body of a god I could melt) he was about to take off mine but that is where I lost all the magic it was just so awkward we barely knew each other so I said as kindly as possible "I think we should get to know each other before we make out with my parents on the other side of that door literally"so we talked and talked about him and me he liked art music and football I liked art movies and watching him play football we are so alike I thought then he said " ok time to get back to the making out part ready I'll be a police officer and you'll be a gorgeous lady who I pulled over then he pushed me down and started to feel all around my body like places even I didn't go but he did he went everywhere I guess to him I was a world ready to be explored this was awkward with a capital A.

"Hey Romeo so school is starting again. What are we gonna tell everyone cause you know people don't just get engaged over the summer" Samantha whispered into his ear as he hugged her
" who says we have to tell them of our love for each other. As long as you don't get jealous when other girls are begging for my love and clinging to me there will even be some who take there shirts off" he says alluringly
"Well your just going to have to get used to not doing anything with them got it Romeo well see you after school."
"Juliet we will be going to my mansion after school today so meet me in front of the school okay darling."
"Ok Romeo."
The day passed so quickly but my thoughts never strayed from Romeo. He called me Juliet because he thought our love was like Romeo and Juliet.
I didn't mind I kind of enjoyed it. I felt like a real life fairy tale character even though Romeo and Juliet wasn't a fairy tale it just felt like something out of a book or a movie.
    Well there is the bell I better meet Romeo out front. Oh but I have to talk to Camiel she has to know about this I'll just text him "one minute" yea that works. Oh wait he's responding "okay just don't be to long my beautiful flower" aw he's so sweet I better hurry then

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