Chapter 5 "Tranning, Squid Shake and Team mate.

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Me and Brandon went to Battle dojo. "Okay so you have to splat me. With a splat roller, splatter shot, and splat charger. It will not be easy." I said.

I grabbed the splat charger and started the battle.

3....2......1! Go!

Brandon was turfing the ground and didn't notice me. I splat him.

Brandon POV

Why is she so hard to splat!? "If you cannot splat me then you cannot splat higher level inklings." Amy said splatting me from my hiding spot. How did she see me?!

"You also have to face other splat chargers." Amy said. She threw a splat bomb at me and I quickly made it out in time but I got splat again.

I quickly went to her hiding spot and was gonna splat her but she threw a bomb at the ground and ran away I chased her and forgot about the splat bomb. Then I got splatted.

"This is hard." I said exhausted. I threw burst bombs at her and she got stuck in ink. Then I splat her.

"Finally." I said.

Scores ~~~~

Amy: 1 deaths 4 kills

Brandon: 4 deaths 1 kill

"I guess your not bad." Amy said switching her weapon. Now it's a splatter shot.

1.......2.......3! Go!

I saw her run to me and splat me.


I quickly turfed some of the ground so I can get my special ready. I noticed Brandon was behind me. I smirked. I fake tripped over something.

"Oh no!" I said. "I think I broke my leg." I said. "A-Are you okay!?" Brandon said dropping his gun and kneeling down and was gonna help me.

But I splat him. "Never do that to an opponent. Or you will get killed." I said smirking.

Brandon POV

Dang! She tricked me! She was cute while she was doing that though. Amy splat me. "Never get lost in thought." She said. I spawned back at my base.

I turf the ground and got my special. I threw a lot of burst bombs and she got splatted.

Score ~~~

Amy: 1 death 3 kills

Brandon: 3 deaths 1 kill


"Now I'm using the Splat roller. Oh and I'm awesome at a splat roller so it might be really hard for you." I said starting the battle. I turfed my surroundings and hid when I saw him. When Brandon was close I splat him.






Brandon POV

This is so hard I think I might give up. I saw Amy coming at me and throwing ink at me. I went behind her and splat her.

"Finally!" I said

Score ~~~

Amy: 1 death 6 kills

Brandon: 6 deaths 1 kill


"Okay we are done. Want to come to the Squid Cafe with me?" I asked.

"Sure!" Brandon said grinning holding my hand. I blushed. Doesn't he realize he's holding my hand.

We walked to the Cafe. He is still holding my hand. I saw every Inkling boy give him a death glare.

"Um B-Brandon can y-you let g-go of my hand?" I asked blushing still.

"O-Oh! Sorry!" Brandon said blushing a little. We went to the cafe and the waitress came to us. "What do you want?" Brandon asked.

"Squid shake." I said. "Okay can we have one big Squid shake with two straws." Brandon said the waiter nodded and walked away.

"Why did you order one?" I asked. "We are sharing. It's also cheaper!" Brandon said smiling at me.

The waiter gave us the Squid shake. It had two straws in it.

Brandon was drinking it already. "Are you going to drink too?" Brandon asked. "Y-Yeah." I said blushing. This feels like we're on  a date. I slowly drink the Squid shake too.

Annie POV

I quickly took a picture of Brandon and Amy. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Moe yelled/asked.

"I-I'm t-taking pictures o-of them....It's c-cute...." I said fixing my glasses.

Brandon POV

I don't know why she is worried of drinking this Squid shake together I mean it's not like we are sharing one straw.

We finished the shake and I noticed there was a little whip cream on Amy's cheek.


Brandon looked at me and wiped my face. I blushed. "What are you doing?" I asked. "There was a little whip cream on your cheek." Brandon said smiling.

My face went redder than a tomato. "Hey are you sick?" Brandon asked. Leaning to me and putting his hand on my forehead. Deep breaths Amy. I don't want to explode in front of him. "U-Um! I have t-to go!" I quickly said and I went out of the cafe covering my face.

Brandon POV

I left money on the table and went out of the cafe to look for Amy.

I saw her sitting on the bench talking to a green dude. Who is he?

"Haha. Your funny Jordan." Amy said laughing. I walked over. "Oh Hi Brandon this is Jordan my team mate." I said smiling.

"So what were you guys talking about?" I asked. "Um Jordan made a funny joke. That's all." Amy said. "Um Amy I have to tell you something private." Jordan said taking Amy's hand and going to a corner.

I was curious and wanted to know what he was going to say so I followed him.

"Um Amy I have known you for a while and will you-"

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