Eighteenth Question

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This question is from LenKagamine002. She/He (sorry, I don't know what gender you are! I'm assuming a girl though) says:

"Len, What would you do if you're one of the character of Tokyo Ghoul and How can you survive in that Hellish world of Ghouls?"

Len: well, if I were in Tokyo Ghoul, I'd probably be a Kaneki! I would survive off of human meat! >:D

Me: yeah right! You wouldn't even have the heart to kill a fly!

Len: sh-shut up!!! You're ruining my moment of awesomeness!

Me: answer the truth Len!!

Len: *pouts* fiiiiine! *sighs* I'd probably be a human. In other words, the first to die TTT^TTT

Me: *snickers*

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