Chapter 11

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"Stella, camera down. I'm trying to focus here.", Shay said without having to even look up from her guitar as she sat on the bus strumming away.

Stella sighed, "I'll stop taking pictures when you stop denying yourself."

Violet looked up puzzled, " What are you talking about?"

She gave a dramatic sigh and adjusted her camera strap, " You! Can't you see it? I mean you and Alex-"

Shay cut her off, " Stop Stella. It's just for the cameras, you know that. Now why don't you go make out with Jack or something. I've got ten minutes until soundcheck and if like to finish writing."

Stella sighed and rolled her eyes as she walked out muttering, " Whatever Vi."

" Hey baby.", Jack smirked as he spin around and wrapped his arms around Stella as he tender key kissed the top of her head, " What's up."

She shrugged, " I was just getting some shots of Vi."

He nodded and turned to Rian who walked by and said, " Matt's on a rampage. Whatever you do don't ask about the lights."

Jack furrowed his brow in confusion. Just around the corner of the stage Zack walked up to Matt, " Hey, the uh lights on left stage aren't working..Josh said.."

Matt covered his face with his hands and groaned, " I know the fucking lights aren't working. They're being fixed now get your ass over to your station so we can get through a fucking soundcheck without the world coming to an end."

Zack just stepped back and nodded. Jack leaned forward and kissed Stella's cheek as he muttered, " I gotta go before Matt's head explodes." Stella nodded in understanding as

Alex walked in and clapped his hands together in joy, " BOOM! On time. It's a record."

Rian laughed, " Where's Shay?"

Matt glanced around the stage but before he could say anything Stella said, " I'll go check the bus. Why don't you start sound check for the guys!" Matt groaned and went to go stand with the sound guys.

" Vi. They're starting final soundcheck Matt wants to readjust some Mics. You need to get out there.", Stella said softly as she leaned on the doorframe of the bus. Violet groaned and scrolled through her phone, "Fine.", she muttered. Pushing her hands back through her hair, she followed Stella off the bus and walked off to the stage. She slipped her hands into her hoody pocket and stayed quiet until she needed to have her personal mic checked and adjusted to her specific voice and volume. Alex smirked over at her, " Ready to go?" He said teasingly. Shay rolled her eyes and said, " I'm always ready, Gaskarth."


" One...second..", Shay muttered as she put on her lipstick, a loud knock resonating from the door as somebody kept tapping against it. She groaned a bit, " Come in!", she called and puckered her lips several times as she made kissy faces to insure her lipstick was done well. Matt slipped and corked a brow, " What are know never mind. First I need to put this on you..and then you need to sell it tonight. I don't care what you and Alex have got going, the crowd wants to see you two." Violet gave a small nod. " Turn around.", Matt commanded and she did so as he tucked a battery into the back of her miniskirt. He stepped back and nodded, " Finish up, be ready for the five call.", he said before slipping out.

"You look..great." , Zack said a bit flustered as his cheeks turned bright red when he looked over Shay. She stood in a pair of heeled black platform ankle boots, tights, a black miniskirt, a white free the nipple crop top, a cropped leather jacked and her long hair falling over her shoulder in waves. Her big blue eyes surrounded by dark smokey black colors and her lips a deep crimson as they areas into a grin. Shay laughed and gave Zack a half hug, " Try not to kill yourself jumping today.", she said teasingly before walking away.

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