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  Like a master puppeteer I reach into your mind
Taking a look around to see what I can find
I destroy you from the inside out and break down your self esteem
I'm like a shadow following your every move making you wanna scream
I taunt you with my power, you can't run from me
Leave that boy behind girl, can't you see that I'm the one you need
Outside on the porch you see the smoke hit the air
I know your lungs are hurtin but seriously, like I care
I control your every move, you come running when I snap my fingers
And every time we finish up I'm the one who lingers
You crave me every day, you crave me every night, c'mon girl face it you won't win this fight.
C'mon darling you know you can't hide from me, so go on take a seat
Raise me up to your lips and get a good whiff, do it little girl or your gonna get whipped
I own you, I control you, I'm the one sitting in the throne
I taunt you, tease you, admit it I'm bad to the bone
I have the power, you won't ever break free
Sitting in the doctors office all because of me
Little bit of nicotine can drive you insane, a few more times then your life's going down the drain
You spend all your money buying me some friends, they seep into your lungs, honey this is the end
We cause diseases and all sorts of crap, well fella's looks like that's a wrap.
This girls got lung cancer but does it look like we care?
we're the ones that caused this and we'll admit it, it wasn't really fair with us being in control, we had the power, we were on a roll.
Now the girl is dying, she's just stopped trying
Laying in bed day and night, she's just given up on the the fight
She thinks to herself life ain't worth living no more
When her best friend called her a slut, and her ex called her a whore
This girls given up, she don't give a damn
She sits thinking to herself as a cigarette sits in her hand
Her eyes fall shut and now this is it, this is her life coming to an end
She doesn't have to worry anymore, for her life is officially done
The old house she lived in is dark and the shutters are drawn
The girl is now and forever gone.  

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