Chapter 1

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New book, new people and NEW DRAGONS. I have given over to the Fangirl in me and started writing a FanFic of my 2nd favorite movie, How To Train Your Dragon (1 & 2). There is a photo of a new dragon i am putting in this chapter, you will know what it is called when you read. Anyway that is all i have to say ATM. GOOOO READ!


(Unknown POV)

7 years ago

"Dragon attack!" people where yelling and screaming all over the place, "quickly, everyone get your children inside and stay in your homes!" the Chief yelled, who is also my Father. "Dad, let me help!" i yelled to him as he turned to face me, his blonde hair and beard messy and dirty.

He sighed and finally gave in, "fine, go and grab an axe or sword," he then left me to fight on my own. It was true that all the others were afraid of messing up or saying something that might get them in trouble around me because i am the Chief's daughter but i never said anything to my father if someone did mess up.

I held and axe that dad got me when i was little, i ran and ran trying to find a dragon. Suddenly a Deadly Nadder jumped out in front of me and raised her tail spines, she shot them at me and i quickly jumped back. She continued to fire at me until i jumped on her and swung my axe in her leg.

She fell beneath me, i jumped off her and tied up her wings and legs and left her lying on the floor. I continued to run around the village, i saw my Father, "Dad, has there been any Sand Wraiths?" i asked. In this village we don't fear Whispering Deaths or Night Furies because they don't come here, no here we fear Sand Wraiths.

They have the body figure of a Night Fury, the wings like Night Furies and basically everything looks like them. The only differences is that Sand Wraiths are a sand brown colour, they are a lot spikier than Night Furies, they come out during anytime, day or night and they hunt under sand or dirt similar to a Whispering Death.

"No, thank Oden. Yell out to me if you spot one" he ordered, I nodded in response. Just as we had our conversation someone yelled "Sand Wraith!" the fear was evident in his voice. Everyone just started to panic and a lot of them ran into one another.

The Sand Wraith buried beneath the dirt and came up behind Vikings who had crashed into one another and was lying on the floor one by one they disappeared beneath the dirt with a scream. I watched on as one by one Vikings were dragged under the dirt being eaten by the Sand Wraith, this dragon... has no mercy, it kills for fun. All the stories I have been told about the Sand Wraith is nothing like the real thing.

I was taken out of my thoughts when I felt the ground start to shake under me, I turned around to the back of me to see the ground being tunnelled, there was no escape, once you were in the path of the Sand Wraith there was no outrunning it.

I just stood there and waited to be pulled under like everyone else, I took one final look around my village, and everything was on fire, houses burned to the ground and everyone dead. Just before the Sand Wraith attacked my Father stepped in front of me, "leave this island and never return, remember what you live for," he said just before the Sand Wraith pulled him beneath the surface.

I backed up and ran while tears rolled down my face, I grabbed a boat from down at the docks and started rowing away from my Village and Island. Overhead I saw the Sand Wraith flying in the sky returning to its home to wait out the next time it attacks another unfortunate Island.

Just at that moment I made my personal mission to find that Dragon and kill it once and for all. Just watching it fly away like it had done nothing, acting like it hadn't just killed and eaten everyone in my Village including my Father fuelled my hatred for it. Still rowing my boat, my tears became beads of anger and vengeance. I'm sorry Father, I now live for the day where I can see that Sand Wraiths head as a helmet. I rode off into the abyss, not knowing where I will end up next.


That was the 1st chapter and it was quite sad but, who is this girl and why does the Sand Wraith only attack around her Island? Find out later in the book, bye guys.

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