Chapter 2

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I could hear everyone crowding around me asking if I was okay. The one I believed to be Jake, mostly because Hyp would talk about him constantly kept telling me to wake up. I try telling him that I am okay, but nothing comes out.

Then all I could see was black. I couldn't hear, see, or feel anything anymore. Nothing existed.

After a long time I felt someone shake me trying to wake me up. I felt like I was moving, but if you looked at me, I was staying perfectly still. They continued to shake me until I mumbled, "Stop it, I'm trying to sleep." I open my eyes just a bit and realize I have no idea where I am. I turn my body to face the other way hoping I will see something familiar. I only saw Outlaw' dude.  

He says, "Good Morning beautiful." I sit up and look around to see all of them.

Wait...I didn't see Hyp. I get on my feet swiftly and grab the lead singer guy's shoulders and shove him against the wall, I didn't even feel dizzy doing it. "Where the hell is she?!" I yell not willing to take any crap. He shrugged.

"Andy, do you know who this she that Sky is speak of?" One of them says. It was Jake. He was smirking.

"Who the hell do you think?! I mean Hyp you idiot!"

He says, "Oh well CC and Jinxx should know."

I turn to them and say, "I will give you three seconds to tell me where she is before everyone on this bus gets hurt!"

They must have known I wasn't kidding because the second I finished they said that Hyp was in the bathroom. I look to Ash and say, "If anything bad happens or happened I hope you know I'm blaming you." He didn't say anything and I just yell, "HYP GET OUT OF THE BATHROOM!!!!"

After a second she comes out and says, "Why did you need me?"

I roll my eyes and grab her arm saying, "We are leaving."

I take her to the door and as I go to open it Jake says, "I wouldn't do that if I were you; I wouldn't open the door."

I ignore him and open it to find that we were moving. We were now officially on tour with black veil brides. How am I going to survive? I turn back around letting go of the door and Hyp's hand while mumbling under my breath.

I see Jake smile knowing that he won that battle but I ignore it knowing that I will win the war.

I then decided I was going to call the cops and tell them that they kidnaped us. I feel around in my pockets and I couldn't find my phone. I look up and see Andy holding two phones up one mine and the other Hyp's.

I say, "Andy give me my phone right now."

"Why would I give you a phone if I knew you were going to call the police on us?" Andy questions.

"Because you know this is wrong and you will continue to feel guilty if you don't give it to me."

"But I don't feel guilty."

"You will now that I put that thought in your head." Andy sighs knowing that I was right and goes to hand me the phone. I reach out to grab it as Jake walks in between us and grabs my phone.

I wanted to scream at him so bad but I refused to.

He opens up a drawer and puts my phone in it. He reaches over to Andy and grabs Hyp's phone too. He puts some sort of lock on it so now there was no way I would be able to get either of the phones.

Hyp walks over to Andy and says, "You can't listen to her she will convince you to let us leave. She is incredibly smart."

I look at Hyp in shock exclaiming, "You knew about all this?! You planed this whole damn thing didn't you?!"

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