Chapter 4

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Lucy POV
I woke up to what seemed to be the celestial world.

"Lucy, dear friend..."

I instantly knew it was the celestial spirit King.

"why am I here?!"

I was very confused. I didn't mean to put all my anger on him. It's just that all I knew was that I was kidnapped and then suddenly surrounded by flames. It's like invisible flames that only I could see  ended me. My body had no burns during the process, just a little dirty... I eventually blacked out. Or died?

"Lucy, we got a hold on your soul on the way to heaven. You have helped all of us dearly, so you shall be granted one wish, one wish of the stars. But, you may not wish for love, you may not wish for more wishes, you may not wish for death."

Thinking for who knows how long I knew what I wanted.

"I wish to stay here with my friends forever, and to be strong enough to protect my friends."

"If that is what you heart desires, so be it."

He raised his staff and a soft light shone down on me. I saw my new forever celestial outfit.

 I saw my new forever celestial outfit

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It was my Aquarius form outfit.


"Lucy! Is this really the right decision?" asked Loke.

"Too late Leo the Lion," I said jokingly with a grin. "I already made my descision."

"Very well then..."

"Lucy, as a celestial spirit, you will be the spirit of the starlight. You have your Starstreaker sword, and spells such as star gaze, star blast, heavens healing, and never use Star Light unless it is a life or death situation. If you train, you can greatly enhance your abilities. You'll be able to figure out the spells quickly with a little bit of experimenting. Of course, excluding Star Light.


I went to my celestial island, and it was actually a house that looked like fairy tail, but with the appearance of my apartment on the inside.

walking in, I saw something I wasn't ready for.. There was a grave, with flowers, letters, etc.

I stared at the memorial reading

'Lucy Heartfillia, rest in peace, we miss you.'

Reading that tore my heart out. I cried for awhile, but I'm fine now. I focused on customizing my key. I got to do this because I was an unusual spirit.

Awhile later, I made a heart key

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Awhile later, I made a heart key. (A/N sorry guys I couldn't find one without the chain so just um yeah haha)

"throw your key into the portal of earth land, Lucy!"

hesitating, I dropped my key into the mysterious portal, or who knows what. Using my ability loke taught me, I went to earth land, even though I can't speak, or be seen, or even touch anything. I was basically a ghost. I saw my key, which had had coincidentally fallen in front of the building of my old apartment. My friends were walking to my apartment, probably to clean out my things when they see the key.

"This might be a gate key, someone get  Luc-" forgetting the celestial key mage was long gone, Erza hung her head in shame.

"Hey! Theres also Yukino from that other guild, the sabers!" Says natsu. Running to the location of the rival guild, the key firm in his hand, he was unaware of the blonde haired girl softly smiling at him.

I miss them.

3rd person POV

They took a train rushing until they reached the guild of Sabertooth.

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