Powder Sugar // Calum

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"Babe!" I yelled. "We are supposed be to making a cake! Not making a mess, Jesus."

"Come on! You know you want some" he said seductively. I rolled my eyes and walked closer to him.

"Do you?" I asked in the same manner as him, biting his earlobe softly, causing him to moan softly. He pulled me closer to him by my waist, and for a quick second he pecked my lips, before I grabbed a chunk of powdered sugar in the bowl behind him and threw it at directly at his shirt. He leaped back, laughing.

"Aha! Got ya lover boy"

He smirked.

"Oh, I see what we're doing"

He then took off his powdered sugar covered shirt and slipped it off easily, showing his back muscles, causing my legs to become weak. He then threw it across the room, coming towards me. My breathing hitched when he grabbed my cheeks with both of his palms and pressed his lips to mine. The kiss was deep and the most passionate kiss we've ever shared. I wrapped my legs around his torso and he laid me against he kitchen counter. He took his soft, plump lips off mine, causing me to groan.

"Hold on baby, let's try something new" he said while softly putting his hands on the bottom of my shirt, before slowly pulling it off my petite body. He traced along my black lace bra before running his soft hands down my sides to my shorts. He reached the edge of my shorts and pulled them off my me, lazily dropping them on the floor with my shirt. He looked at my almost naked body, enjoying my black lace garments. He softly kissed around my underwear.

"Calum" I moaned. He was fucking teasing me.

He smirked and quickly rubbed a finger under my underwear, against my clit before walking away. I was curious as to what this kid was doing, but I was too pissed thinking about how wet he had made me by doing simple things.

This is the effect he had on me.

He soon came back with chocolate fudge and powdered sugar.

"What?-" he then slid a finger into me, causing me to gasp. He quickened his movements, rubbing around my clit and making me feel overwhelmed with pleasure. He pulled down my underwear with his teeth. That was really hot...

"So wet for me baby" he moaned, going back to now rubbing eights around my core.

"C-Calum" I moaned. He now had two fingers rapidly coming in and out of me. He then put his head down, letting his tongue roam my core. Our apartment was full of loud moans. While he was licking my core, he was still fingering me. Jesus.

He went at it a few more times before slipping out of me. My lower half was now throbbing with pleasure. He licked his fingers clean.

"Was that nice baby?" he asked seductively. I nodded my head quickly before he stood once again in between my legs.

"Now let's play a game," he started, getting some chocolate fudge and putting small lines of it from my lower stomach, all the way up to the valley in between my breasts to my neck, "I put some sweets on you, and I have to figure out a way to wipe you clean. If I can do it, you have to do it to me too. Get it?" He asked. I nodded my head for what felt for the one millionth time. I just wanted some heat right now.

He the sprinkled powdered sugar over the chocolate fudge and some on my cheek.

"Ready? Set, go" He said, before leaning down onto me and licking my lower stomach. At first I giggled at this, but then he started going higher, kissing every inch of my skin. It might have seemed weird, but it was actually nice. He got to my neck, licking every speck of chocolate and sugar, kissing my soft spot, making me moan. He bit me softly, making a small bruise looking patch.

"Your mine" he whispered against my ear. I could feel his hot breath running down my neck.

"Last spot" he whispered before licking my cheek. This time I did giggled, and he giggled too.

He finished licking me clean, before picking me up and setting me on my feet.

"Well....that was interesting" he said, blushing.

"It was new. I liked it" I said, wrapping my hands around his neck. He smiled softly.

"Where'd you get that idea from anyways?" I asked.

"Michael" he said, blushing. It all made sense now.

Michael's such a dumbass.

"Well, I think by the time we finish cleaning up the real mess, it'll be too late to bake a cake, and I'll just have to go to Jewels and get a cake." I said, kissing his nose.

He smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, no more Michael ideas." He chuckled.

Okey first story. I was hungry writing this encase you couldn't tell.

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