Chapter 2: 2nd day back from winter break

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"BEEP...BEEP...BEEP"her phone went off. She hit the off button and rubbed her eyes wishing for another 30 minutes. "ANGIE IF YOU DON'T GET YOUR BUTT UP IM LEAVING YO BUTT HERE" her mom said angrily. Angie ran to her closet and picked a pair of skinny jeans and a"straight out of Compton" shirt she bought recently. She hurried up and changed, She ran into her bathroom and admired herself. "What am I gonna do with this nappy hair." She said looking at her hair. She brushed it and just put a white headband that matched her shirt on. She ran out and grabbed her backpack She picked up some socks a pair of fresh white New Jordan's. Her mom looked at her with a disapproving look. "You still look ratchet." Her mom said to her, Angie just ignored her and went into her mothers ugly brown broken down Honda. Her mom dropped her off at Compton High school. She entered the school. "Aye Besfraaan!" Her best friend Keisha yelled with her hands in a hug gesture, they hugged. "Where squad? " Angie said. "Gurl, they in the cafeteria gettin some food" She said. "Iight I see ya later I finna go meet up with em."She said as she turned away. She walked past the cafe doors.She looked at the cafe looking for her squad.Her squad was sitting in the middle table, She went to them. "Ayyyye!"She yelled as she gave everyone hugs. She sat by La'daisha. "No girl Hakeem finer than Jamal!"Trinity said argueing about which actor looked better.
"Mm-mm, Hakeem lips to big Jamal cute asf" Armani said looking like she was about to fight.
"Boi if you shut up-" "Chill trin, they both fine talk about something else." Angie interrupted. Rhianna looked up at us to see if a fight was about to happen then looked back at her phone. Aaliyah laughed, She laughs at everything. "O.K ima need you guys to put your trays up and go out this door,  class is about to start" Ms.Onika said. Everybody got up and dumped there trash in the the trash can.Everybody said bye to each other, hugged than left. Angie looked behind her looking to see if Darius came, her eyes met his, she tried to play it off, Darius just went back to taking to Drake.

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