Adopting Lorraine C.

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Jin had stumbled upon a group of kids. You were in the middle telling the little kids a story while acting it out. The kids all laughed and smiled. He stood there watching you without you even knowing. He watched you dance, spin around in a circle with the group of kids you were hanging with, and he watch smile and laugh.

"Hey, little one," he said to you.

"Hi," you said beaming a smile.

"Has anyone ever told you the story of the little girl who got adopted."

"No," she said slowly catching his drift.

"Well first the man said 'Your very unique, I want to adopt you."

"And the little girl said 'Thank you, and I'm you chose me."

"Then the man took your hand," you place his hand in his, "And he took you to the back to fill out those papers."

"And she followed."

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