They do care!

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Stan's POV~

I woke up and blinked a couple of times.I rubbed my eyes and realized I was in a hospital. I looked around and saw all of my friends sitting around the hospital room. Eric,Kenny,Bebe,Clyde,Wendy,Craig,  Tweek,Token,Red,Lola,Heidi,etc.The whole gang was here! I turned to the left and saw Kyle sleeping in a chair beside my bed. So cute. I gently shook him and he woke up quickly. I jumped back,because that startled me. Kyle looked at me,then started tearing up. He jumped up and hugged me. "Oh my god,"he started,"I was so worried that you were going to die!" He started crying."You're the love of my life,I never want to lose you!" I hugged him back and kissed him.

The rest started to wake up,and they all said,"glad you're back!"Bebe and Craig patted me on the back.I saw Wendy shooting daggers at Kyle.He glared back. I put my hand I front of Kyle's face and he started laughing. Wendy got a cheery expression on her face and ran over to my bed side. She hugged my head,with her boobs all up in my face just to piss off Kyle. It worked. Kyle got in top of me to overpower Wendy. She growled,but before she could do anything,I pushed her off and said,"Wendy,chill the fuck out. I love Kyle,not you. Quit trying to impress me because FYI,your not." She huffed and slapped me.then she spun on her heel and stormed out the door. I rolled my eyes and said,"girls." Kyle giggled(do guys giggle?) and hugged me again.

I heard the door open and the doctor said I could return home. So Kyle picked me up and took me home. We chilled on the couch and cuddled,until I  saw Kenny in the doorway.

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