Kyle David Hall(Be my Light Yagami)

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Kyles POV

I was walking around the park with my soon to be Girlfriend, Leda(Idk) I truly think she is the one. Her old boyfriend, Johnnie, (Yes, He is in this) Was an Asshole and brook up with her for Alex. " Hey Leda?" I ask her. " Yeah Kyle?" She asked. Damn she was so cute. I kissed her lips. She was shocked at first, But kissed back.

Leda's POV

Kyle kissed my lips. I was shocked at forst, But kissed back. I cant belive my OWN crush kissed me. " If I be you Light Yagami, Will you be my Misa-Misa?" Kyle asked me. I kissed his lips my answer. He kissed back. " I love you Kyle David Balls " I giggled. We intertwined our fingers and walked home.

Hey I hope you like this One shot :)

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