Kiyoshi Teppei

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(Online game) has been trending all around your school lately. One of your upperclassmen even made a guild for the players. Since you were close with him, you joined the guild.

Playing it has been a routine for you, and you kept on playing because your crush, Kiyoshi, was playing too.

Italics mean guild chat okay?

HyuugaJunpei: Who's (username)
KiyoshiTeppei: She's my kouhai~
(Username): Kiyoshi-senpai~☆
AidaRiko: (name)-chan!

One time, you were partying up with Kiyoshi and a friend of yours to beat the level's boss. Everything was going on smoothly. The three of you won and got a lot of exp.

Right when you're going to fight it again, Kiyoshi had to leave the party because Izuki needs help leveling up.

(Username): Noooo senpaaaiiii T^T
KiyoshiTeppei: Im sorry (name)-chann~
KiyoshiTeppei: Izuki needs me *^^*
(Username): I thought you caredddd..
KiyoshiTeppei: Of course i care~
KiyoshiTeppei: You're my beloved kouhai~

You let out a squeal before looking back at your phone.

KoganeiShinji: Is Izuki your waifu? :D
KiyoshiTeppei: Of course not... haha. I dont need waifus here.
(Username): He needs husbandos.
KiyoshiTeppei: Who needs waifus and husbandos when i have a cute kouhai ^^

You couldn't contain your fangirling that you almost passed out.

HEYA IM BACK :D //gets thrown by a fridge

Okay okay im sorry for not updating and this is hella short im sorrehhhh.

I had to go through my midtest last week and im struggling hard to get a great score alright... //sigh

And im having a short holiday so i might publish a few..

And i've been addicted to playinh ToramOnline recently. Its hella fun 10 outta 10.

If you play that too, lets meet up~ im still around level 40 so i still suck ass.

My username is Genevia

Kay see y'all soon!

Talk to me if you have free time~
Instagram: hayamacchi
ToramOnline: Genevia

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