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atNickilback: do you have any extra magazines? I'm out of ammo

ninjakitten: anything for you my dear

atNickilback: thank you kind sir

ninjakitten: man I've missed this

atNickilback: missed what?

ninjakitten: this, playing with you. hell even hearing your voice. we've barely been able to talk since tour started

atNickilback: I feel you. you're too busy for me now Clifford.

ninjakitten: I can't wait until we come to Tallahassee Sunday. we'll get to see each other 24/7

atNickilback: I'm excited. so excited I'm skipping class on Monday to hang out with you

ninjakitten: oh, my little bad girl huh?

atNickilback: yeah I'm a pretty hardcore rebel

ninjakitten: oh yeah?

atNickilback: I mean, I tried scotch on the rocks last week.

ninjakitten: woah you're so hardcore! tell me more

atNickilback: I didn't stop at a stop sign one time

ninjakitten: ooh keep it comin baby

atNickilback: I never finish my vegetables

ninjakitten: oh my god what's wrong with you?

atNickilback: what?

ninjakitten: a person who doesn't finish their vegetables isn't a person I want in my life

atNickilback: Michael!

ninjakitten: you're an animal

atNickilback: you're so mean to me

ninjakitten: I'm just joking princess. I love you're no vegetable eating self

atNickilback: whatever. see if I come hang out with you on Sunday

ninjakitten: aww don't be upset my little sugarbutt. plus I'd come and drag you out of your house anyways

atNickilback: you won't

ninjakitten: I will and I'll spank you for having an attitude

atNickilback: ....promise?

ninjakitten: NICKI

atNickilback: I'm sorry that was way out of line

ninjakitten: f.uck

atNickilback: let's pretend that didn't happen

ninjakitten: tell my d.ick that

atNickilback: oh my gosh you're such a guy

ninjakitten: I can't help it that I get turned on by you wanting me to spank you

atNickilback: I never said I wanted you to

ninjakitten: you said "promise?" as in you wanted me to. but don't worry, I'm going to make that pretty a$$ of yours all red

atNickilback: alright this has gone too far. do you have time to start a new game?

ninjakitten: I actually don't babe I have to get off the bus in like 4 minutes

atNickilback: boo you whore

ninjakitten: little harsh Gretch

atNickilback: your mom's chest hair

ninjakitten: you can go shave your back now

atNickilback: why are you so obsessed with me?

ninjakitten: you smell like a baby prostitute

atNickilback: I believe we may be soulmates

ninjakitten: I know. we should get married and have lots of mind blowing sex and lots of babies and lots of more sex

atNickilback: gosh you're so sexually frustrated

ninjakitten: I know, Sunday can't come fast enough

atNickilback: why? you and Calum have a hot date? is he going to let you get some first date booty?

ninjakitten: no...what type of girl do you think I am?

atNickilback: oh sorry, you just looked like the type to put out on the first date

ninjakitten: I am not some cheap whore, Nicki. you can't just use me and abuse me. I am the type of girl you take home to your momma

atNickilback: is that so?

ninjakitten: yes it is...but your momma doesn't have to know I had you screaming my name on our first date

atNickilback: "our" first date? Ha right! whatever helps you sleep at night, kitten

ninjakitten: yep and I'm marking my territory as soon as I see you

atNickilback: if you pee on me imma cut you

ninjakitten: I'm going to hump your leg

atNickilback: ew this conversation is disturbing. I'm going to let you go since you've got stuff to do

ninjakitten: okay I love you my little nonvegetable eating sweet bottomed angel face

atNickilback: I love you too my little horny toad

*atNickilback has signed off*


This is kind of a shit chapter but I will have more coming probably tomorrow to hopefully that will make up for me being M.I.A

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