Chapter Six: The First Task

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1 week after the Yule Ball

Sam's POV

In the one week after the Yule ball, I had grown really close to Harry. It was a Friday afternoon, after all the classes were let out, that I was talking with Harry. "We should do something exciting." "Like what?" asked Harry, a twinkle in his eyes. "I want to get my tongue split" "Wait, WHAT?? Why?" "Because it looks cool! And people might think of me as a true Slytherin if I look more of the part. Ooh, I also wanna get my eyebrow pierced! And a couple more lip piercings." "Are you sure?" "Yeah. We should also get Henna tattoos." "What are those?" "Legit temporary tattoos." "Do they hurt?" "No" " Alright. Tomorrow you and me will go to Hogsmeade and get all of this done" "Really?" "Sure, why not?" "Yay! Thank you Harry!" I hugged him." "Anytime Sam" Since we had been out there for a long-ish amount of time, we decided to go inside. We both went to our common rooms and I went straight to bed, I couldn't wait until tomorrow. Ivy woke me up for dinner, then I went back to bed after that.

*****The next day at Hogsmeade*****

I was walking to the tattoo shop with Harry. I opened the door and we walked in. "Hello. What can I do for you today?" "How much would it cost to get my tongue split and to get two eyebrow piercings?" " For you, I will make it £65" "Ok thanks." I sat down in the chair, and Harry sat next to me. He did my eyebrows first. He told how to care for them, and gave me some supplies. Next he split my tongue and told me how to care for it. Since I had a tongue piercing in before, there was a good chance my tongue wouldn't heal back up. "Oh! Can I also get two more lip piercings?" "£10" "Deal" he pierced my lips, but since I already had a lip piercing he didn't need to tell me how to care for them. We thanked the man and left. We went to this other place to look at Henna tattoos. "What do you want to get Harry?" "We should get infinity symbols." "Why?" "Friends forever." "Ok." I walked up to the lady that worked there with Harry. "Hi. We would like to get infinity symbols. How much would that cost?" "£100" "Ok." "Do you both want them?" "Yes" "Alright. Who's first?" Harry took off his shirt, and fell asleep in the chair while she gave him the tattoo. I took off my jacket and woke Harry up when his was done. She gave me mine and I paid her and we left. Since it was a warm day, Harry didn't put his shirt back on. "Hey Harry, I think this is a permanent tattoo." "What?" "Just kidding you" he playfully hit my arm and slightly shoved me away. "Don't do that! I almost had a heart attack!" "Get your shirt back in so we can go back to Hogwarts." "Why? Don't you like what you see?" he asked, cheekily. "I'm not telling you, but what if we see McGonagall at Hogwarts and you still haven't put your shirt on?" He blushed at this and out it on. I snickered and we got to the train station and boarded the train. "Thanks for doing this with me Harry." "No problem." I sat next to him with my head on his shoulder. Since becoming good friends with Harry, I developed a small, secret crush on him. He shifted me so he was holding me, and I stared into his mesmerizing eyes. Before I realized, we both were leaning in. When our lips connected, it felt good, sweet. He pulled away all too soon, blushing and red like a tomato. I smiled slightly at this. I sat in his lap. "Don't be embarrassed Harry. I liked it. He turned away from the window and looked at me. "Sam. Do you wanna.... maybe sometime.... wanna go on a date with me?" "When and where?" " The Black Lake, a week after the first task." The train stopped and we got off. "Sounds like a plan. See you later!" I said as I walked the long walk to the Slytherin common room. As I walked to my dorm, I couldn't contain my smile any longer. "Guys, I am going to BURST with happiness." "Why? How did your 'date' with Harry go?" My roommates were the only ones who knew I liked Harry, and they haven't told anyone yet, so I can trust them. "Well, we got our Henna tattoos and I got my piercings and my tongue split." I showed them my Henna and split tongue. "But something even better happened on the train on the way back." "What? SPILL" Demanded Ivy, Vanessa, and Alli. "Harry Kissed me." we all squealed excitedly. "So, are you guys a 'thing' now?" " No, but he did ask me to go on a date with him a week after the second task." "Ooh. Then us and Hermione need to help get you ready. Speaking of 'Mione, did you tell her yet?" "Nope but I'm going to right now" they nodded and I left to find Hermione. I found her in the library and pulled her out. "Hey Sam" "'Mione, guess what?" "What?" "I kissed Harry! And he asked me out on a date a week after the first task!" She shrieked and hugged me excitedly. She was the first person I told when I realized I had a crush in Harry. "Do I get to help you get ready for your date?" "Yeah. But so does Ivy, Vanessa, and Alli." "Awesome! I love hanging out with them!" I hugged her and went back to my dorm to sleep. I was a little nervous about the task when I woke up. Last night, I had a dream where something happened and Harry got hurt seriously. I woke up a little sweaty and decided to take a shower. I put on my outfit( on top), did my makeup, and went with my friends to breakfast. I made small talk with my friends and are quickly so I could go sit with Hermione, Harry, and Ron. I bid my friends goodbye and rushed to the Gryffindor table. "Hey guys." "Hey." "Hi Sam." "Hello." I grabbed a seat between Harry and Hermione and fretted some of the other Gryffindors. Then a cute little boy with a camera came up to us and took a picture of me and Harry. "Can I ask you guys a few questions?" he was talking to me and Harry. "Can we do an interview AFTER the task today?" I snapped and he nodded and quickly walked away."No need to be so mean Sam." "Sorry I'm just a little worried, that's all." "Don't be. You'll be the first person I look for after I finish this task." I nodded and Harry grabbed my hand. Soon enough, it was time to go on with our day because the food was all gone. I spent a couple of hours hanging out with the golden trio. "So what did you and Harry do at Hogsmeade yesterday?" "I got a bunch of new piercings, as you can see." "Anything else?" "Oh yeah" I then stuck out my tongue and moved each side like a snake. "Blimey Sam! I never knew you would go THAT far with your crazy piercings and hair dying and tattoos and stuff." I just laughed. Then it was time for Harry to get ready. I hung out with Hermione until Harry had to go to the tent. I gave him a kiss on the cheek for good luck and he hugged for a long time. Eventually he had to go. I watched with 'Mione and the Weaslys, anxiously waiting for it to be Harry's turn. It finally was, and he did a great job. "Wow" I whispered. I was glad he made it out with no major injuries besides a cut on his cheek. I ran down the bleacher stairs to meet him. "Harry! You did wonderful!" "I told you I would make it out alive!" I laughed and hugged him. He went back to the Gryffindor common room to celebrate, and I went to my dorm to sleep.

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