Who is that Tristan? Did I got her correctly? Yeah, I am sure she mouthed Tristan. So that man name is Tristan? Ah chincha?! I am going crazy.. Why Bella is still closing her eyes? "Bella? Bella?" I shooked her slowly even though I know she won't wake up.

OMO! "Bella, you scared the shit out of me? Why you shot up like this?" I asked Bella who suddenly got up with gasping.."Wh-what? What happened?" I asked nervously but she was breathing heavily.. What is happening to her? I hugged her tightly before soothing her softly.

"I am here..I am with you..shush..shush.." I made her calm down but she can't control her breathing.."Quenchana?" I asked her and she nodded her head with a forced smiled. "Alright..take rest..I will come at 6..arasu?" I asked her and she shaked her head as no. "Whae?" I asked by caressing her cheek. "Be with me..I am so scared.." She signed with a single drop that rolled down from her left eye.

I smiled at her before joining her in bed. She cuddled me comfortably and slept. I have so many questions to ask her but I don't want to rush up with her. My eyes are heavy now as I closed my eyes tiredly.


'Knock' 'Knock' I heard that someone is knocking the door. I opened my eyes slowly before rubbing it gently. When I tried to got up I can feel a large hand around my waist and I turned to see min ho sleeping pleasantly. His eyes were closed in a line and his pink lips were slightly parted..his black hair was totally mess---..'knock' 'knock'..Huff!! Who is that? Yeah,I am sure it is Ali..

I slowly pushed min ho's hand from my waist before walking without making a noise.."Where are you going? Like a cat?" I turned to see min ho was half lying with a half opened eyes. I faced him with my hands on the hip with a relief sigh..some one is knoc--- 'knock' 'knock' Ohhooo!! The knock cut off my sign. "Omo! Who will be that?" Min ho got up scratching his scalp.

Don't worry.. It would be Ali..I signed him with a smile. "If it is Director?" He asked with a wide opened eyes. Director?! Oh my God!! You go and hide inside the wardrobe. I signed him before pushing him towards the wardrobe. "Thank God!! The wardrobe is big!!" He said which made me to giggle. So funny!! "I love you!" He said with a kiss on my cheek before going inside the wardrobe with his dimpled smile.I can feel butterflies inside my stoma--

'Knock' 'knock' oh Jesus! Help me!. I opened the door and saw a great gentle man standing before me. Min ho's suspect is correct.yeah, Director!! Oh my God! What I am going to do?. "Hey, Bella? Happy morning!!" He smiled brightly and I smiled back before bowing my head. "Can I come inside?" He asked gently and I nodded before opening the door broadly.

He came inside before taking the seat in the couch. "Did you saw min ho?" He asked without wasting a second and I shaked my head as no. "His room is locked and mobile is also not reachable.. I don't have any idea that where he gone? Do you have?" He asked..yeah, in my wardrobe...I shaked my head as no.

"Yeah,how would you know? Yuna is also not here..whether they two may have gone out together?" He asked..You old man!! How dare you assume like that? I shaked my head as no again. What?no other go..he can't understand my language. "How you say that?" He asked with confusion. How can I make him understand? I blinked at him several seconds.

"Okay..I will try him calling once again.." He said before grabbing his mobile and searching for min ho's number.. Where he kept his mobile? "BELLA? I CAME!!!!!!" Ali came shouting in a sing-song way. I looked at her nervously.."what happened?" She asked me looking at Director and again towards me.

"Nothing.. I was searching min ho sshi so I thought he may be here" he said before getting up from the couch. Ali looked at me and I looked at the wardrobe nervously. Ali sighed deeply," oh min ho oppa? He told that he wants to finish some works and he will reach the spot,sir". "Is it? So,Bella you also trying to say that?" He asked me and I nodded my head fastly.

"Okay then..I am leaving.. Get ready soon,Bella..min ho sshi,don't like delays.. Arasu?" He said and I nodded. Oh my God!!Ali closed her mouth with her hands to control her laugh. Director walked out before I closed the door. " Get ready soon,Bella..min ho sshi,don't like delays.. Arasu? Hahaha" Ali micmicked Director before laughing heart fully. "Shush..shhh" I shushed her before walking towards the wardrobe.

After opening the wardrobe door.."Welcome, Mr.hallyu star..hahmm" Ali waved her hand before him..min ho was leaning on the side of the wardrobe with crossed hands. "Ha.ha.ha..so funny" min ho laughed fakely before stepping out of the wardrobe.

"And what were you doing here?" Ali asked him sternly. "This" he said before giving a peck in my lips with a dimpled smile. I stood without a move..I can't understand what just happened? "Oh.hoo..sorry for asking you"Ali said before looking away.


After escaping from director we got ready for the shoot. But in my mind I  am going on thinking about that name,Tristan. Who will be that Tristan? Still I am going crazy about that person. I don't know who is that person will be. But I am sure that Tristan will be here.. In this Canada. Before leaving from here I should find him. First I should ask Bella about this..I should be slow..I cannot rush up things with her.

"Yah!" Some familiar voice shouted from behind so I turned to see who is that?. Yuna!!. "Whae?" I asked with a smirk. "Ah chincha!! you are like a disaster in my life" she yelled at me with a disgusted face. "Same" I said with a cool attitude even though I am boiling inside. "SAME?!" she was shocked but I walked away ignoring her because Bella will kill me if she saw me with her. Bella hates that word 'dumb bi**h'.

"Ali,What are you doing?,where is Bella?" I asked her as I am entering inside the make up room. "I am also waiting for Bella..she went out with Director for taking a look over shooting spot" she said looking at the script papers. "Terms are not good between Yuna and you" Ali asked still looking at the papers.

"Yeah,how do you know?" I asked with confusion. "She sent some messages to Bella" she said looking at me with a stare. "What kind of messages?" I asked by clenching my jaw. "Scolding and threatening messages.. That she will snatch you from Bella..Hahaha..that sounds funny.. Isn't it?" She asked and I shaked my head as no.

"It's okay..you don't want to worry about it..Bella will take care" she shrugged before looking back into papers. "How?" I yelled back at her. "By slapping her!" She said with a bright smile by twinkling her eyes. "Why God has created Bella like this?" I asked myself with irritated tone. "Like what?" Ali asked looking at me. "Huh?" I asked with confusion. "Like what?" She repeated. "Like.. She cant speak" I answered nervously.

"Who told that she can't speak from birth? She can't speak after four years" Ali said looking down at the table with anger. "really?' I slowly walked near towards Ali and she nodded her head with sobs.


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               Min ho and Bella are loving each other madly so hereafter there may be many ups and downs in their life. Let's see what's going to happen? Until take care. Bear with the mistakes also..Love you, guys.

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