The Other Camp

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I keep on looking for something about this but find nothing. Well I found one but it wasn't completed.

Anyway, your probably wondering what this idea is and the title basically says it all. There is a mortal camp on the other side of the lake from camp half blood.

Yes this brings drama. No I'm not done explaining.

The other camp can see through the barrier at the camp for some reason so demigods have to be careful at not getting caught doing anything unusual or strange.

Now, I don't know how many of you watch disney channel but that show I think it's called bunked is about the Ross kids at a summer camp. This camp has a lake, is in New York, and is full of mortals (or is it?). Therefore a perfect camp to use if you want to make this a crossover.

Of course you can change this idea all you want, or follow it exactly, I don't care. This is just to give you ideas for a fan fiction.

If you do use this idea, please tell me in the comments so I can read it? Please and thank you.

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