The Meeting Of One Another

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How? Why? I still ask myself what happened in that accident a few years ago. It happend so fast, I dont remember. I lost my memories in that accident. I woke up im the Hospital with cuts all over me, and blood everywhere. What happend to me? Im scared. Why? Why did this happen? Why was I left alone to deal with it? Mom? Dad? Help me...

Yuu woke up sweating amd scared from that dream. "It was... Just a dream?" He asked him self as he got up out of his bed to get some water. He chugs down the water amd heads back to his room. "I wonder, what really happened when I lost my memory... people say it was just the building being old but, i have this feeling.." as he said falling back to sleep.

He woke up at the sound of his alarm. He turned it off as he slids out of bed. "Why must there be school toda" he pouts as he says that. He goes to the fridge to get the milk out and some cereal. Its quiet. Why have they not come home yet as he thinks about it while eating his cereal. He gets his school uniform out of his closet amd puts it on. He gets his school bag from his desk and heads to the door to put his shoes on. He opens the door and heads outside and locks the door with his keys.

He looks over to his side to see new people moving into the house next to them. "Whats so special moving over here? You have to be broke to live over here," He said to himself and he walks pass it and heads for school. He gets to his school and puts his school shoes on and goes to the vending machine. He puts in 200 c in the machine and pushes some apple juice. He gets it and pokes a straw in it amd starts drinking it. Out of no where Joujirou gets him by the neck. "Hey buddy! Where have you been!". Yuu shrugs as he answers him, "Iv been good Jou, but you seem to be in a good mood." "I AM! A new transfer student is coming to our clasd today!", Joujirou says as he jumbs around. He Grabes yu's hand to lead him. "COME ON! or were gonna be late!" He said as we run upstairs to our class room. Our class room is room 1-A. We head in there just before the bell rang. Jun whips his sweat off his forehead as the whole class sits down to wait for the teacher. The teacher came into the class, "Hello students." "Hello Akai-sensei," the whole class says while Yu looks out the window of him class. "Well students, i know you heard the new go by about our new student, she is now here to introduce herself... Please, come in," the teacher says and a girl steps into the class room with her light brown hair in the air, with her blue eyes shining brighter than the moon. Yuu looks over with a surprised look on his face. "Hello~! My name is Tomori, Nao, Im please to meet everyone! I hope we can become good friends" she said that then looked at me. Yuu turned away as she looked over at him. Why am i getting so... embarrassed?

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