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-//Reader POV\\-

Aido was gonna make a distraction. I was getting ready to set that spell.  Was hiding behind a tree a good idea?

"Hello, (Y/n)." I heard a whisper behind me. Guess not. I turned around quickly shifting my head, seeing a some light purple hair go over the gate. Miki? No, Miki doesn't have light purple hair. Who could that be? (Miki has Brown hair with a streak of Orange on the left side of her hair I'll draw her for you in the next chapters) I turned around and saw nothing just black with a man in front of my eyes. I rubbed my and it all disappeared. A man? What the hell?! What is happening? I didn't really get to see much of him I just saw his blue eyes and his brown hair

I said the spell. Twinkled my fingers around. "Zemimaru, Kurunai, Be with Me. Light Go."

It should make Zero and Kaname get along for a while. (Hehehe I have something planed) Kaname and Zero fell to the ground and looked as if the were knocked out.

-Zero POV-

I fell. Blackout. I see nothing but black.

'Hehe we're taking over your body to grant our new master's wish'

"Who are you?"

'Just Something I can't tell you Zero......bye'

I couldn't move or talk something told me I'm going in a deep sleep.......

-Kaname POV-

"Ugh......What Happened,"

I saw nothing but black.

Finally a voice spoke. A deep boy voice.
'Hello, Kaname Just letting you know. We're granting our master's wish to do this, bye'

"Wait I!"

The Voice was gone.


I looked at Zero and Kaname, they seemed fine. Zero looked at Kaname and smiled, Kaname did so too. YESSSS!!!!! IT WORKED!!!!

"Greetings Kaname-Kun, hope you're doing well." Zero said and I held my jaw I shock.

"I am doing quite well, please tell me will you join me for a friendly dinner in the night dorms?"

"I'd gladly accept," They both shook hands and continued their normal thing. Something seemed off about it but I ignored that feeling.


I turned around and was faced to face with Miki.



She looked at me with steal serious eyes.


She turned her head away and turned her head back towards me quickly.
"Zero and Kaname could never actually get along... You made a big mistake putting that spell on them."


"Never mind you're too stupid to understand! See you laters~" Miki said as she walked away.

"Wait!" I called out to her
She hesitated then stopped but didn't turn around to look at me.

I knew she was smiling on the other side..
"Idiots like you wouldn't understand what I mean," She said as she continued walking.

---End of Chapter---
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