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Calum slept over last night, and left this morning.

I was a bit of a mess when he left. Even though he said he'd visit in a couple of weeks, I hate to see him go. I mean, it's kinda frustrating having my boyfriend drive four fricken hours away from me.

Oh well, I'll survive.

I decide to print out Luke and my report. I'll hand it in to Mr. Wenston tomorrow during lunch, I always like to hand things in before they are due. After doing that, I just laze around. Watch some TV, go on tumblr, Instagram. There's nothing really I can do in this boring city suburb.

My phone buzzes from the dining table, and I groan as I pull myself up from the couch. Dragging my feet over to the table, I pick it up to see a message from Luke.

Luke: hey

I unlock my phone and type a quick response.

Leyla: hi :)

I gave him my phone number the day after he came over to my house for the first time. I was a bit reluctant at first, I don't usually like spreading my details to people I don't really know. But he insisted it was necessary for our project, so I gave it. But, obviously, physical and chemical change was often far from our conversation topics.

Luke: hru?

Leyla: fine. u?

Luke: alright. great game yesterday btw

Leyla: haha thanks, but I played shit

Luke: no you didn't

Leyla: yeah :(

Luke: nah :)

I smile. I know he doesn't mean it, but it's nice that he's making the effort.

Luke: so what have you done today?

Leyla: nothing much, I printed off our report. i'll hand it in to mr wenston tomorrow

Luke: u know its not due til thursday right

Leyla: yeah, but id rather hand it in and forget about it

Luke: we don't even have science tomorrow

Leyla: yeah but we have lunch

Luke: wow you're dedicated

Leyla: ;)

Luke: so what'd you do yesterday? I was actually gonna ask if we could catch up but i couldn't find u after my sister's game

Leyla: oh we had to rush out cuz my boyfriend came down from daesville

Luke: ah. good thing I didn't find u

Leyla: yeah

Luke: whats his name?

Leyla: calum

Luke: calum...how long have you guys been going out?

Leyla: about a year

Luke: oh

Leyla: what

Luke: nothing, that's a long time

Leyla: haha not really, we've known each other for our whole lives

Luke: does he have a good music taste?

Leyla: i guess?

Luke: so did u guys go to school together?

Leyla: yeah, same class. why so many questions?

Luke: idk, just interested :)

Leyla: :/

Luke: your negativity is depressing

Leyla: sorry :(

Luke: its alright, um I have to go. cya tomorrow?

Leyla: yeah, see ya :)

Luke: that's better :)

I smirk at the screen, and then lock my phone. I need to go for a run.

Rushing up the stairs to my room, I brainstorm the places I could run to. Come to think of it, I have no idea where any parks or running tracks are here. The only spots I've been to, are the music shop at the end my street, and the burger shop near the beach I went to with Calum. The beach sounds more appealing.

I pull on a tank top, my blue Nike pros, and a pair of free runs. Jogging down the stairs, I give my mum a yell of goodbye and then grab my iPod and earphones, before whizzing out the door.

Running is one my favourite pastimes. It's my escape from all the stress and worry that builds up inside of me, if I didn't have times like this to clear my head then I fear it would all bubble over.

Lately it's been really hard with the move, so I haven't had much time to myself at all. I've had no time to recollect my thoughts, to have a break from all the craziness that's been going on.

The steady thumping of my feet along the concrete path helps to regulate my heart beat. I focus on breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth; in, out, in, out. Soon my breathing pattern naturally matches the beat of All Time Low, which is blaring out of my ear phones.

I reach the edge of the highway which Calum and I drove along last night, so there's probably another two or three kilometres until I reach the beach. I turn on my heel and begin the jog along the road, the cars rushing past me causing the wind to rustle my hair. I increase my pace and focus on drawing long breaths of air to calm my screaming lungs. Geez, I'm really unfit.

The road comes to an intersection and I take a left, praying that I have a good enough memory of the directions I took last night. After a while my legs start to feel like jelly, and I am relieved when I see the burger shop at the end of the road. As I pass the open door of the shop a waft of delicious smelling burgers fills my nostrils, and it takes a huge effort to keep running and not stop to indulge myself in one.

After the song changes in my earphones one more time, I reach the spot where Calum and I ran through the bushes last night. I spin on my heel again, and turn right to sprint through the dense foliage. The soles of my feet are burning as I scramble over loose branches and pot holes along the dirt track, but my pain is soon relieved as my feet sink into the cool sand.

I slow my pace to a walk and slowly coax my breathing back to normal. The night air is cool, but not so much that I'm shivering here in my shorts and tank top. The deep orange and purple colours of the setting sun seem to spill into the night sky as if they were ink in water, and the calm waves lap at the shore. A perfect scene. For a perfect girl. That's usually how these types of quotes end. But me, perfect?


Don't make me cringe.

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