A Love That Never Was

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Feel my heart, my love. Feel my heart. It was once beating with joy until you broke it. Are you happy now? Happy that I may never love again?

Touch my heart, my love. Touch it. Did you notice the blood splattering all over? It was pain. An excruciating pain that results to your happiness.

I loved, but I wasn't loved. And so shall I never love again.

I assumed that you will learn to love me. I thought you were given to me to be a great memory. But you were not. You were the worst lesson. The lesson that made me cried to tears. The lesson that broke me. The lesson that ripped me to pieces.

You were an impossible dream. I assumed so then, I cried. You left me broken.

I dreamt once of a place. I was standing in front of the altar. And you were by my side, saying "I do's" to each other. Promising a love of forever.

But it will live as just a dream. A hopeless dream. An impossible dream. A dream that will never happen.

I dreamt of a future. A future when I will wake up next to my whole life. A future when our children's laughter is the first sound we hear in the morning. The child who will call us, "parents."

But it never will occur.

Our story was a one-sided love. A love that was never meant to be.

Our story ends here. A story entitled, A LOVE THAT NEVER WAS.

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