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a/n apologies for not updating! i've just got back to school and it's crazy already :( but don't worry, I'm not giving up on this book - I've actually almost finished writing the book so I am quite a few chapters ahead. anyway i hope you're not getting too bored aha, the story's gonna get real interesting soon sooooo keep reading x grvngecacti

ps maccas is mcdonalds for any non-aussies



I rush from my room as the doorbell rings. I have gotten over my previous doubt; of course I'm excited to see Calum. I mean, he is my boyfriend after all. I fly down the stairs, skipping three at a time, and make it to the front door in record time. Resting my hand on the knob, I take a deep breath, and swing it open.

Calum is standing in front of me. Well, obviously. But he looks so perfect standing there. His brown hair frames his squishy face and chocolate brown eyes, and dimples form on his cheeks as a smile forms on his face.

'Hey!' I squeal and I leap into his arms, nuzzling my head into the crook of his neck.

'I missed you so much.' He whispers, running his fingers through my hair. I lift my head and meet his gaze, before planting a kiss on his plump lips.

'Come in.' I smile, leading him into the dining room by his arm. He chucks his keys on the table and strips off his jacket.

'Oh yeah, this is for you.' He pulls a small box out from a pocket in his jacket and hands it to me. I smile as I take it off him. I click open the tiny lid and it reveals a simple silver chain necklace with and 'L' charm. It's a super cliché present, but it's super adorable.

'Aw thanks Cal, you're too sweet.' I lift the necklace out of the box, unclip the clasp and hand it to Calum. I turn around and sweep my hair to the side, allowing him to place it around my neck and  in place.

'I love it.' I smile, fiddling with the silver charm in my fingers. We lock eyes for a moment, before he pulls his gaze away and searches the room.

'So, can you give me a tour?' He asks, clapping his hand together.

'Oh, yeah sure.' I reply, forgetting he'd never been to the new house. I show him the lounge room, kitchen, and the rooms upstairs.

We settle down in the lounge room and flick on the tele. I kick off my shoes and wrap myself in a blanket, nuzzling up to Calum on the couch. He puts his arm around the back of my neck, resting his hand on my shoulder. We sit in silence for a while, mindlessly switching through the channels. This is pointless, I turn off the TV.

'So how's Daesville?' I ask, sitting up and turning my body to face him.

'It's fineee,' he says, dragging his last word, 'but it sucks without you.' He pouts slightly, making me giggle.

'What about the new school? Southview, is it?'

'Westview,' I correct him, 'and yeah. It's pretty good actually. I've made a few friends, Madison; the girl I told you about, Alice, Gabby, Lu-' I choke. No mentioning Luke. No thinking about Luke.

'Cool,' he sighs, 'do you wanna go somewhere? I'm kinda bored.' He smiles innocently and slightly pouts his bottom lip again. I just laugh.

'Geez Calum, if I'm too boring for you, we'll go and do something.' I sigh sarcastically and rise from the couch. I feel two arms wrap around my waist and Calum rests his head on my shoulder, making our cheeks press together.

'You're not boring.' He coos, and I smile as his hot breath tingles my skin.      

'Come on.' I tease, breaking his embrace and heading for the door. He follows, collects his keys and shuts the door behind him.


'Oh my god this is SO good.' Calum muffles between mouthfuls. I have taken him to the burger place on the edge of town, it is my new favourite restaurant. Well I don't know if you could call it that, it's more like a fast food place. Like maccas.

I nod in agreement, mayonnaise dripping down my chin as I take a massive bite of my burger.

'Do wanna go to the beach?' I ask. My mum has told me it is pretty close to this here, but I've never been. Calum nods in agreement, and we begin to walk in the direction of the setting sun.

Soon I can hear the slow rumbling of the waves, breaking and rolling into shore, so I know we are close. Then, through the cracks of some bushes, I spy the calm black waters. A small shriek escapes my mouth and I pull Calum along with me. We run through a jungle of bushes and dirt tracks, and suddenly I feel the soft sand under my feet.

The view is beautiful.

The sun is setting on the horizon, displaying a kaleidoscope of colours in the sky. The inky black waves of the sea calmly roll in and out of shore.

Suddenly I am swept up from my feet, and it takes me a moment to realise that Calum is running towards the water holding, carrying me over his shoulders.

'NOOOO!' I shriek, but I'm too late. He hauls me into the sea, and I freeze in shock as the alarmingly cold water tingles every part of my skin, enveloping my body. I arise from the water to see an uncontrollably laughing Calum. I paint a sarcastic smile on my face and then drag him into the water by his shirt.

He comes back up, still laughing, but this time looking like a drowned rat. A cute drowned rat. We lock eyes, and I wrap my arms around his neck, slowly bring my floating body towards his. Wow this is so hot. I smile at him as he secures his hands on my hips underwater, and then he leans in.

This time, I don't my push the person who's trying to kiss me away. Like I did with Luke.

Damn it. I can't even get him out of my mind while I'm kissing my boyfriend.

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