Chapter 2 Going to sweeden

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I didn't look at the information and it said they where coming here so there where arriving here around noun and it was 10:00am and I still had to get ready so I took a shower got changed and put on my makeup as outing on my makeup there was a knock on the door so I whent down stairs and answered it it was Shelby and lily I asked where was gena Shelby said "she was at the hospital because her grandpa wasn't doing very good so we had to go with out gena and then we turned on the news and it was so cool it said"the fooo conspiracy is coming to pick up hailey Scotty today at noun" my parents where for sure to see that!! I was tariffed so then the news lady said they where going to be at the theaters with Hailey Scotty so I had already known what we where doing so I got a call asking to meet at the ice scream shop by the theaters so I knew it was them but it wasn't any of the boys so I was wondering if it was just someone random  trying to get me to meet them I got a bunch of text messages once the news was on it was 12:00 so I would have to leave at 12:30 to get there

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