settilng in chapter two

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"hey" "wakey wakey" "we're here missy" I slightly open my eyes exposing them to the light, I immediately shut them as fast as I could, the sun shines on my face and burnt through my eye lids. but I knew I had to get off the plane, so I jumped to my feet and took a step then opened my eyes Luke was standing there with his hand hung behind him waiting for me to hold, I took it and smiled as he led me into the airport.

Thank god finally something else to look at other than Luke I mean not that I can complain Luke is perfect in every way possible but he is just so perfect that I wouldn't have been able to hold it in for much longer.

we found our luggage and moved away. "how was your nap?" Luke asks "fine" I say "what about you you fell asleep before I did...? "meh could've been better" "yeah" I say
"so what were you dreaming about?" Luke asks "seemed pretty intense" he adds. "uh yeah" I stutter, honestly I have absolutely no idea what to tell him, obviously not the truth...that would be embarrassing since it was totally about him. "just a bad dream" I decide "I'm hungry lets get some food" I say as I blush trying to avoid the subject.

we were now in Calabasas and currently sitting in the food court avoiding any possible talk of the flight here. I slurped my drink loudly, letting everyone around us hear it.
Luke began to speak "you right there" "better than ever" I lie, trying to hide my feelings behind a fake smile. Luke grins back.

we finally get to the hotel. As we are in the elevator I hear Luke humming to the faint music. he's so good, I just felt so awkward around such Beauty. there was nothing I could do to stop my cheeks from going red. I felt my palms begin to get clammy, I quickly wipe them on my jeans without letting Luke see. finally we reach our room, with the elevator stopping right at the entrance to our sweet.

he takes a step in then reaches out for my hand pulling me along after him. we put our bags on the floor and collapsed and collapse on the long leather couch.

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