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Haru's POV

My new mate and I are in the car driving home but one thing is scaring me the most. I always get scared when master, no, Ren is mad. Shouldn't he be happy?

We arrive home and Ren throws the door open and it just broke off. I don't know why he is mad. He grabs my arm and drags me up the stairs to his room. He throws me on the bed and walks out with a slam. He comes back a few minutes later with a 12 inch vibrator and 2 small egg vibrators. There isn't any lube around and I'm starting to get scared.

Ren pins me down and in a few inches from my face. 

" You made me wait for a whole week " He uses the most scariest voice I have ever heard in my life.

My eyes wide as possible and my whole body frozen. He rips my clothes off and sticks the 2 small in my hole. It hurts because he didn't prepare me for this. 

"AAAhhh!!" He turned on the vibrators.

"I-I-I'm sorry, Ren!...I-I d-didnt know!"

"Sorry isn't gonna cut it."

I feel another thing poking my entrance. Then it just rips my entrance apart.

"AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!"The 12 inch vibrator. Too deep. Someone....help....me.

The vibration isn't even on and it hurts this much. And thats when it hit me. The vibrations. Its on.

"AAhh...Aaah...I-I'm sorry...Ren....Please...forgive me!"

"That's 'master' to you"

Someone. Help me. Anyone.

I notice master leaving the room. I reach for the vibrators but I can't reach them, they're too far.

"You're gonna stay like that until I get back and if I see them outside of your ass, I will get a group of guys and get them to do anything they want to you. "

I'm scared. " I'm sorry m-master! Please d-don't leave me a-alone! "

He slams the door on me. I thought Ren was happy to be my mate. How could he turn on me?

Ren's POV

As I leave the room, I hear moans and screams from my room. 

I do kind of feel bad for Haru but he did leave me waiting for a whole week. He must be terrified of me now. I'm just wondering how he'll react to me once I'm done. 

I should get some work done for the time being.

8 hours later

I finally finished all the paperworks and meetings I had. I feel like I forgot something. I wonder what it is.


Oh shit!! I forgot about Haru!! How could I forget about him?!

I run to my room and slam the door open to find Haru still moaning and screaming loudly. He has blood coming out of his hole. He notices me and looks scared.

"I-I-I'm....S-s-sorry... Please...forgive me"

He sounds so empty. So much emptiness in his voice. I run up to him and take out the vibrators and hug him tightly.

"Please forgive me....I'll do anything"

"You don't have to do anything. I shouldn't have done this to do you. It's my fault that this happened to you."

He faints while I say that to his unmoving body. I pick him up bridal style and take him to the bath. While I wash him so much blood is dripping off.

I shouldn't have done this to him. I should've been happy that he was my mate. My only love. 

After the bath, I dry him off and lay him down on the bed. The old sheets were covered in Haru's blood. The maids were nice enough to change the sheets.

Hopefully, he wakes up without being scared of me.

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