Lift off chapter one

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"anyway" Luke continues, "yes,go on" I say nodding, "yeah so as I was walki-"
"are you ready" the attended butted in. I lifted my Chin an smiled politely "yep,thanks" I reply and sink back into the chair.

Luke Looks at me with a smirk, "yes?" I say his smirk becomes a full teeth revealing grin. "what nothing".
ugh Lukey I love you I thought to myself and turned to face the window.
my eyes started to sting as I felt a tear coming up, I blinked a few times and made sure it didn't fall. I pulled my sleeve over my wrist and and pressed it against my eye. Luke pulled it away and opened his mouth to talk " don't do that" he scolds me " you know how much your mum hates it when you stretch your clothes like that". I take my arm back and and uncover my hand scowling at Luke.

I pull my knees up and rest my head in them. "so" Luke begins "did you wanna hear the rest?" "what?" "the rest of my story" he says. "uhm sure, it sounded interesting" I reply while nodding.

Luke continues his story but is again interrupted by the hostess "attention, please" the lady says walking to the back of the plane, she clears her throat before speaking again explaining all the safety instructions.

about an hour had past and I had fallen asleep, I was resting on Luke's shoulder breathing in his priceless musky scent. when I woke up his hoodie was over me like a blanket and his arm was tucked behind my neck. I didn't let him know I was awake, I just dug my face deeper into his arm.

eventually I opened my eyes as sat up "hi sleeping booty" Luke whispers into my ear, "good one" I say giggling an rolling my eyes.

I redid my hair and stretched my arms Luke took his hoodie back and threw it over his head.

"so when is this gonna land" I complain
"haha" he blurts out "soon enough not to worry. I open the shade of the window and gaze into the mist of the clouds. but I couldn't even think about the view or even focus on the scenery.
all that I could think about was Luke...he was filling up my head drowning my brain. when I closed my eyes all I could see was luke, his face, his hair, his smile, his hands, his lip ring. he is all I can think about.

why couldn't he see that I love him. I wish he knew how I felt but he would never understand. Luke Robert Hemings was my life, the reason I got out of bed in the morning, I am so lucky and grateful to have a friend like him.

I have known Luke since we were little I had just moved to Sydney, I was scared I had no friends and we moved across the road from Luke, mum and his parents made friends, then they eventually set play dates up for us, which led to sleepovers, camping trips, long drives and stuff like this....

anyway Luke had been my best friend since god knows how long, them again he has also been my crush for even longer. when you are young you dream of the prefect boyfriend....
hot, tall, beautiful eyes, good fashion taste, talent, good hair, anyway Luke was all of this and so much more.

I decided to cheer up I don't want to ruin it for Luke, I turned my head to find him asleep
awwwwww OMG he's adorable I just want to kiss his face off. Suddenly his nose did the cutest twitch "aw" I sighed "I'll never have you".
I put my ear phones in and covered them with my hair I picked my favorite playlist of Luke's solos and played them to myself with the volume full bore.

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