Chapter 2

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 so for this chapter I am going to add some fluff know on with  the story ._______________________________________________________________________________________---_------______--------______--------------________________-------------------------________________--------

Entoans pov:

(So after I "supposedly" called everyone and said that they were busy to dlive maybe now I can tell him how I feel or just spend some time with him.)

"*sigh* so what should we do now dlive?" "I think that we should take a break from "work" and just I don't know watch a movie or something." "K what movie or t.v. show are we going to watch?" "Hmmmmmm........ I don't know." (OMG he just looks so cute thinking I just want to kiss him. but I can't just in case he doesn't like me back.)   "ENTOAN YOU THERE!"

Dlives pov:

"ENTOAN YOU THERE!" (I basically screamed at him.)"JEUSES FUCKING CHRIST YOU SCARED ME! ALSO WHAT?" "YOU OKAY!" "YA IM FINE.. ALSO WHY ARE WE YELLING?" "I DON'T know." "Okay soooo what know?" " Maybe we can watch The Hunger Games or something like that." " Oliveee." "Ya?" "We watching the hunger dennns." "Why did you say it like that." "Because I want to see if the people know who says it like that." - GUYS STOP BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL! " I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING." - IM NOT TALKING ABOUT YOU OLIVE IM TALKING ABOUT ENTOAN. " OKAY ENTOAN STOP BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL." "OKAY gosh I was just asking a question."


GUESS WHOS BACK. so I just want to say a few thing thanks for waiting and letting me finish with real live stuff just want to say everything is better know my brother has stopped hurting himself and finally got better so expect more updates from now on. bye bye for know.

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