Chapter 2

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The Haters


Yoon Bomi POV

11 years after baekhyun leave me, i don't have a friend. There's no one people who want to be my friend..

I don't know if i wrong, i'm just telling the truth. But they don't believe me.


I really hate when people tell me that im just mudslinger.

'I'm not mudslinger, it's fact from what i see'

This because, when i see jieun sunbae steal eunji wallet, i think this will be okay but everything has change.

"Don't trust her, she's liying eunji~ah" i said.

'That's true, i hope you believe me eunji~ah'

I look at jieun sunbae, she look really mad at me.

"You said that i'm liying, watch your mouth. Im telling her the truth" she yelled at me.

'If that's the truth, why you turn to black?'

"If i'm lie then i will prove it to you" she yelled and pointed her finger to me.

"Anybody here, look i stolen eunji wallet?" She yelled to everyone.

Suddenly, this situation is silent.
Until everyone said 'No'.

'Why they don't believe me?, please believe me'

"See their is no one agree with you, you are just mudslinger, b****" she yelled and push me away from her.

Then she go away. Eunji come to me i know she mad at me.

"Bbom~ah i don't believe you, why you doing like this?" She said.

"I'm no-" she cutted me.

"Stop it, i can't believe you anymore. i'm really dissapoint with you" she said and left me.

I feel everyone looking at me.

'Why my life become worst?'

I try to hold my tears, and bite my lips, But it won't works, then i run to toilet.

"What she doing?"

"She must be crazy"

"Why she do that?"

"She don't know who is jieun sunbae?"

I can hear that, it so hurt... really hurt.

'I hate everyone who liying to me'
Park Chanyeol POV

'Ahh, finally it's over... Jiyeon~ah i'm coming'

I walk to jiyeon classroom, but a girl bump to me then both of us fell on the floors.

"Aww, you must be careful" i said.

I look at her but..

'Why she crying?'


'What wrong with those mind?'

'I'm not mudslinger' - she said.

"I'm sorry hiks hiks" she said then run again.

I stand up with still look at her.

'Ahh, i forget'

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