Chapter Three: Them

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Enjoy my queens an kings


*Jennifer's POV*

I woke up an heard the birds chirping. Sun rays shining into my room. Letting the warmth hit my pale skin. Everything from last night came running through my head. Maybe Evie will change her mind, besides its almost Katherine's birthday.

I get up an walk to my closet, I grab my grey leggings, an black tanktop, I just let my hair loose an put my shoes on. I brush my teeth an walk downstairs. I make a bowl of cereal. An turn the tv on.

Katherine comes down in black ripped leggings an a black long sleeve shirt with her hair down an her black converse. Yeah she likes black. Almost all of her clothes were black.


~Katherine's POV~

We started to hike once more. I have no idea why I agreed to going with her. We got closer to the house an the weather took a turn to sunny to a cold foggy day.

I opened the door to the house, it made a creaking sound as it opened widely. We walked in as soon as we were fully in the home, the door slams shut. We jumped.

"Might of been the wind." Jen says shakiness in the tone of her voice.

"What's that smell?" She asks pinching her nose to prevent her from smelling some stench.

We saw what looks like blood bags an some dried up blood everywhere, we walk further into the house an start hearing noises upstairs an footsteps all around us. Only one word an feeling that could describe what's going on at this moment: Terror. Terror is all I felt.

In a blink of an eye the same blonde boy from yesterday was right in front of me an almost made me lose my balance. He had a smirk on his face.

His words ran through my mind "if I see you two again, it won't be pretty" I then felt his ice cold pale skin near my face.

"I can smell your fear." He says an he's eyes were they were a... blood red. Just then more of them came out an circled around Jennifer an I.

Two of them took Jennifer away as she was screaming for me to help her. I tired to run after her but the one with kind of a swoop haircut stopped me.

"Where you going, love?" He smirks.

"Let go of her!" I yell the blonde one grabs me by the waist, I push him or at least try my hardest to push this freak off of me.

The one in front of me looked even more pissed off. I finally get out of the blondes grip an run after Jennifer.

They tried to get a grip on me but I punched an kicked them causing them to grunt an lean over in pain but they grabbed me an push me to the wall.

"Looks like she's a fighter!" The swoop one says smirking. His eyes turn red like the blonde boy. The blonde boy held my neck making me gasp for air, losing contact with the ground.

"Come on Niall, let her go." Another male says an comes towards where I was being held. He had curly locks, emerald green eyes, tall, very handsome.

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