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Okay so this is a note since I haven't made one for this book. And frankly I need too.

This is a story written by myself. The plot, I made completely by myself. No one had used Fleetway in the way I did (I didn't find any books sorry if there is one).

So I thought I was clear. Now that my book is getting for views, it means it's harder for me to keep track of copiers.

A copier of a story isn't just a repost of it.

I consider it to be the plot is so so so similar to mine. I feel offended almost when I find a book that was made off my idea.

Not going to mention names or stories. If I find that you are using my plot line to make your own story, I will not stop to take action.

And I'd rather not have people making stories like mine but giving me credit.
It's like saying "HERE! I made my own story but wait!!! I took it from this person!"

It's ridiculous how people can't write stories on a site without having to worry about copiers. I started writing Temptations because I thought it would be neat and help on my writing skill.

If I sound mean or rude in anyway, please understand what I am speaking about.

Ps next chapter probably this Sunday

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